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johnnefastis -> roon - discovering artists discographies (Feb. 1 2024 13:56:50)


Anyone using roon?

Seems to be very cool and able to do something I always wanted. It can aggregate your digital audio files and streaming on Tidal.... and maybe even more usefully it lets you explore who played on what record.

So for example it says here on Tidal there are 34 records Diego Del Morao played on. Not sure how accurate the data is but its something I have always wanted to be able to do without rummaging around on Wikipedia or Discogs.

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Stu -> RE: roon - discovering artists discographies (Feb. 1 2024 17:41:08)

Brilliant. That's a great feature. And yes ideal for a flamenco guitarist looking for who played on who's album like you highlighted.

Thanks Simon

Stu -> RE: roon - discovering artists discographies (Feb. 3 2024 18:59:47)

Was interested about the accuracy of this. I've listened to a few tracks on artisano a lot and wasn't aware Diego DM played on any of it.

I checked it out. He did
But I also discovered that on discogs, each track is broken down with all musicians. Which is also a handy feature.

I didn't know Paco played on serafina!!!

xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: roon - discovering artists discographies (Feb. 8 2024 17:21:59)

I went through Discogs in depth when searching for obscure Paco falsetas and other contributions, quite a few surprises in there :)

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