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rafapak -> what flamenco guitar course he meant ? (Oct. 8 2023 17:57:59)

I arrived at alvarez and bernal shop 15 minutes before the end of afternoon break. The shop was still closed . In front of the shop I saw a guy waiting with his guitar . He told me he is french. We started chatting. He told me he is doing flamenco guitar course in sevilla that involves full year of studying with 25 hours of lessons per week (5 hours per day or sth). I only heard about shorter flamenco guitar courses in spain. As the owner returned from his break and opened the door to the shop we stopped talking. I didn't have a chance to continue conversation with him. Do you guys have any idea what kind of course he meant ?

Ricardo -> RE: what flamenco guitar course he meant ? (Oct. 8 2023 18:14:13)


silddx -> RE: what flamenco guitar course he meant ? (Oct. 8 2023 18:40:10)

And she's a bit of a legend isn't she?

Goldwinghai -> RE: what flamenco guitar course he meant ? (Oct. 9 2023 14:03:59)

You can register for the monthly guitar workshops there. I was in the Paco Cortez’s guitar accompaniment for dance/singing workshop several years ago. At that time I had only two weeks in Seville so I requested to be included in their advanced workshop in addition to the beginners class without paying double. To my surprise, they allowed me. They had one or two singers and at least one dancer most of the time. I had a good time but didn’t learn much within those two weeks. Too difficult for me to memorize the falsetas to be played with the songs.

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