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estebanana -> Bee keeping communities (Oct. 31 2022 8:07:01)

I started keeping bees about four or five years ago. A farmer named Tsukamoto-san taught me how to set up a hive box the country Japanese way to create bee habitat.

He knew so much about bees I started calling him Bee Sensei, and his nickname kind spread and others started calling him that too. He died last year, I was very fond of him. I’ll put up a photo of him.

Bee sensei helped me with many things, he was an angel. He was a retired temple carpenter who was a country farmer. Sort of a skinny Tom Bombadil, he could talk to 🐝 I think…

hamia -> RE: Bee keeping communities (Oct. 31 2022 13:46:14)

Interesting vid. In the UK, in some places, it seems more people keep bees than don't.

Right from the start of the forum there have always been sporadic flare-ups of people taking exception to the off-topic section getting a bit too busy. Along with dramatic announcements of future non-participation.

You've got to wonder why they don't just ignore it and concentrate on the other sections.

estebanana -> RE: Bee keeping communities (Oct. 31 2022 14:05:50)

I’d like to know more about bee keeping in the UK. I’m just into them because I find bees’ social collective mesmerizing. My friends and family or course want the honey.

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