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Artorias -> Alhambra 7FC Flamenco VS Alhambra 8FC (Oct. 22 2022 18:14:58)


I'm pretty new to flamenco but I want to get a guitar that is "worth it" for the budget I have currently just so I don't have to buy another or etc. I was interested in getting the 7FC but saw the 8FC I looked around and never saw anyone compare the two instruments to which is worth the money. Is it worth spending a extra 200 for a 8FC? Or should I just buy the 7FC? Thank you.

Links of the two instruments;

mrstwinkle -> RE: Alhambra 7FC Flamenco VS Alhambra 8FC (Oct. 22 2022 19:21:01)

Caveat - not tried either. Only a loan beginner Alhambra in Sevilla. Beware that the resale value on Alhambras won't be great so I wouldn't spend a fortune of the 'investment' side of things.

At that sort of money you could get a Valeriano Bernal Prodigio...

Piwin -> RE: Alhambra 7FC Flamenco VS Alhambra 8FC (Oct. 22 2022 19:26:06)

I doubt a few hundred dollars will make all that much difference in that range. Tbh, a big chunk of that difference is probably just that the 8FC is sold with a proper hard case whereas the 7FC is not (it's sold with one of those backpack thingies).

If 990 is in your price range though, then personally I'm with mrstwinkle in saying that a Bernal is a good choice. A student Bernal will hold up just fine up until the point you feel like buying a "pro" guitar. No need for anything in between. That may also be true of Alhambras, but I've never really played those so I don't know.

edit: oh, and welcome to the foro! [:)]

Artorias -> RE: Alhambra 7FC Flamenco VS Alhambra 8FC (Oct. 23 2022 1:52:43)

Thanks for responding;

Thanks for the ideas and such now for me I'm thinkin either the Alhambra 7FC or Bernal Prodigy but is the shipping good from Spain to US? Do they have any good protection in the shipping? Because its pretty far, assuming that you bought from this website unless it's a respected brand. The only place where I was able to find the Bernal was this website, I'm unsure whether or not it's the "official" website.

Should I pick mechanical gear or the Whittner Finetuners as the headstock? Any pros or cons or is it a matter of "looks." Thank you again.

edit: I'm still unsure if its the "official" website but what I did discover is that the guitars are with a case and "packaged very well" to protect which is very helpful I've also heard it sometimes can be quite a hassle to get a guitar from Spain to the US is it true? Or does it depend on the guitar itself?

mrstwinkle -> RE: Alhambra 7FC Flamenco VS Alhambra 8FC (Oct. 23 2022 12:27:00)

I think a forum member used to import them to US so might have some insight. I'm blanking on who it was though. I have a feeling there even was a thread a few years back about importing a Bernal.

Personally I'd probably go for the Finetune pegs as I like the aesthetic. Some people say it improves the tone - shrugs... Beware it limits the range of cases you can use though as the pegs go down further than some cases allow for.

Artorias -> RE: Alhambra 7FC Flamenco VS Alhambra 8FC (Oct. 23 2022 17:27:52)

The guitar itself comes with a case, if I were to pick the finetuners wouldn't they pick a case for it so that it fits perfectly no? I guess I'll be looking around the fourm for a import of a Bernal to the US if not maybe open a new fourm with a title so it can have a better chance being seen. Thank you

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