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JasonM -> Chord Voicing - What he Doing? (Sep. 27 2022 0:31:05)

About the 5 min mark, guy is talking about some chord voicing thing he does. Not sure I completely understand

Is he playing (C Maj) the 5th-4th-2nd/9th degrees? And then moves it up to the chord scale?

mt1007 -> RE: Chord Voicing - What he Doing? (Sep. 27 2022 20:52:04)

starting at 5:18 he plays notes g, a and b i interpret it as G major triad add9(shell voicing) without the 5th. after that i didn't breakdown what he played but sounds like he is doing inversions or drop chords up the fret board with extensions. i don't know if the guy knows theory or explains anything before he gives these types of classes, it would be great if he did some fundamentals such as building triads, tetrads, inversions, scale degrees etc...

good post man!

kitarist -> RE: Chord Voicing - What he Doing? (Sep. 28 2022 5:57:59)


Is he playing (C Maj) the 5th-4th-2nd/9th degrees?

I am not sure I understand it either. He says he is playing the notes of C major but only 5th, 6th, and 7th degrees, and then plays G, a, b. And says it is not recognisable as C major.

But it isn't because it just sounds like a G major with a 9th and not like any C chord. So I didn't get it. Is he saying C major but meaning diatonic scale notes? I don't think so, otherwise he wouldn't dwell on it as some discovery of something new.

Ricardo -> RE: Chord Voicing - What he Doing? (Sep. 28 2022 11:51:01)

It is the typical jazz guitar mentality, rediscovered by a flamenco guy, that if you have a bass instrument (or keyboard) already playing the fundamental, you can play the tensions 7ths, 9ths, 13th chords etc., in very simple Triadic forms, to sort of stay out of the way, or complete the mode. So he is thinking of a C chord there (Cmaj13, or Cmaj7add6), but playing the extensions above the fundamental. He is thinking about the emotional aspects, as just before that he describes how changing the 5th degree of a chord up or down, you create “terrible” sad emotions and such. [:D]. In simple jazz terms, tensions and extensions, nothing big deal.

JasonM -> RE: Chord Voicing - What he Doing? (Sep. 28 2022 15:48:10)

Thanks for the explanations. Makes sense. Got lost after the part about aug/dim 5th. I understand the basic principles but I get easily confused if I don’t know what the root of a chord is and then stack the intervals on that, or even need to write it down.

devilhand -> RE: Chord Voicing - What he Doing? (Sep. 28 2022 21:33:46)

Rycardo who? I only know Ricardo Marlow.
I followed what he was saying in the first few mins. He showed Cmaj7 and Cm7 chords with lowered and augmented 5th which can convey different moods. If there was a pdf showing all the chord voicings, it would have been helpful.

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