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Mitch -> I got a new guitar (Sep. 11 2022 8:01:44)

I hope we still enjoy new guitar posts. I’ve had this one a short while, and I’ve decided that it’s sticking around.

...deleted tedious novella that annoyed even me...

Anyway, a few photos below.

<click me for even more photos>

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orsonw -> RE: I bought a new guitar (Sep. 11 2022 8:27:43)

Thanks for posting.

That is a beautiful Sobrinos Esteso. It looks to be in very good condition. In the photos can't really see any play wear on the ebony board or frets? Would be good to hear it, if you have video/audio?

Interesting to see that tie block in 1951. I wonder when that design first appeared? It was later used on all media lunas in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
(According to Felipe Conde the first known media luna is 1952. https://condehermanos.com/en/the-first-ever-negra-media-luna/)

Mitch -> RE: I bought a new guitar (Sep. 11 2022 21:14:16)

Thank you. It is a great guitar for what I want. I've had it on loan from Richard Brune for a short while, and I've decided that it's staying here. He cleaned up the frets and tweaked the setup, but it's all original and in pretty incredible shape for its age.

As you mentioned, the Ramirez/Esteso/Cathedral headstock had not yet given way to the Media Luna, but we see details like the mitred quad tie block that Faustino used on his best offerings. I don't know when those started, but they are more work and less common than the single piece or dual-lined bone blocks.

I am a fan and student of most things flamenco but i am not a flamenco guitarist. I just appreciate the versatility of a good flamenco guitar, and I prefer them for almost everything.

You don't want to hear me play it though. I use no nails and switch among early music, Bossa Nova, Brazilian jazz and misc fingerstyle junk...and I'm an amateur hack at all of them. I'd never do it justice. I have some skilled flamenco friends and will try to arrange a recording at some point.

The original case is quite the novelty. It almost looks like a real case, but it feels like soggy cardboard and newspaper. Under no circumstance could it even pretend to offer protection for the guitar, but it's a lovely bit of history. The guitar lives in a more modern case these days, but the original will remain with it too.

If you made it this far, I'm impressed. Have another picture for your efforts.

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silddx -> RE: I got a new guitar (Sep. 12 2022 10:25:17)

Wow, it looks amazing!


Stu -> RE: I bought a new guitar (Sep. 12 2022 14:31:03)

Cool! Another new guitar! 😃

What's that guitar in the bottom photo?

Mitch -> RE: I bought a new guitar (Sep. 13 2022 4:37:33)

That one is a reproduction of a 19th century Reisinger Viennese guitar, built by Scot Tremblay.

I told myself I'd have to part with it to help offset the cost of the new flamenco, but I'm having a hard time with that idea. I really like this guitar, and it would be a little difficult to replace. It sounds great, and is very comfortable to play (adjustable floating neck, compact contoured body...reminds me of a 19th century Telecaster).

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silddx -> RE: I bought a new guitar (Sep. 13 2022 11:46:40)

It's a great looking instrument.

JasonM -> RE: I bought a new guitar (Sep. 13 2022 21:04:41)

Wow beautiful color and bear claw top. Makes me want to grab it like a piece of candy.

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