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trivium91 -> Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 15:36:55)

hey guys, im working on speed and dexterity through the use of guide fingers. My left hand wrist and hand has gotten pretty sore, sort of like a dull ache the next day. Im working on a solea falsetta that shifts your middle and index finger up a fret rapidly and back from the P & A finger. It seems the spreading of the two fingers closer to the Capo, away from the P & A finger which are also sliding up, is causing strain on my hand and wrist. I guess I overdid it this weekend as I usually only practice an hour a day, this weekend is when the pain started. I mean its fine but I don't want to start having issues with my hands as im only 31.

Its classified as an upper intermediate falsetta through the Laga online flamenco program.

Did I overdo it on the weekend where I should have slowly ramped up the practice of this falsetta? I've got back into guitar about 7 months ago having not played for 15-20 years, exclusively flamenco this time, though as a kid I only played classical. I've practiced every day since than as I feel like im trying to makeup for lost time, though I only have time for an hour a day during the week. The weekends are anywhere from 1-3 hours a day spread out.

I have lifted weights for years and still do 3 days a week so my grip strength is great, I regularaly deadlift twice my body weight at comfortable reps around 10 so that is not the issue. I also do vinyasa yoga once a week and recently just started stretching my hand out after playing. Any other tips?

Stu -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 15:47:02)

Maybe your seat is no good? Posture etc
What do you sit on when you play?

JasonM -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 16:03:49)

I’ve found from experience that when starting something new, that the fingers are not used to, take it slow and be careful at first not to over so it.

trivium91 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 16:10:11)

I use a wheeled shop stool from Home Depot (Im short and 5ft6) and a foot stool in the traditional flamenco position on the right leg. I tested many chairs and this one was perfect for me since im short, many chairs are too tall for me. Guitar stools would likely work but they are expensive and those that are not are not adjustable. I also do the cross legged position but not for terribly long otherwise my right leg go numb.

I actually really like this stool

I should say though I had zero issues with hands, other than some soreness from bar chords as you build finger strength. Issues started when I started the guide finger movements, I should post a video as its hard to explain but essentially I spread the index and middle finger from the other two back fret rapidly.

trivium91 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 16:12:05)

this is perhaps the most likely, maybe I overdid it this weekend. When I learn a new falsetta I play the crap out of it. The problem is my brain is way ahead of my fingers. I also tend to not listen to my body, I've had many injuries due to lifting weights over the years until I learned my lesson. Its why I started doing yoga.

Ricardo -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 16:57:49)

Need to know exactly what you were doing. I am not sure what you mean by “guiding fingers” etc.

gerundino63 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 18:17:19)

In general, practice something not more than 3 times a session.
If you think this is not enough, focus on smaller parts.
Practice for more than 5 minutes one single thing is contra productive and asking for troubles.

Trust your huge capacity of your brain, and be careful with the capacity of your tendons.

trivium91 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 18:41:40)

This makes sense. though if only 5 minutes, what will make up the rest of the 60 minute session? I guess all the different techniques? I find if I practice picado more than 5-10 minutes I end up playing worse...likely due to fatigue I guess.

trivium91 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 18:43:44)

Ill have to take a video of my playing and post it later, I don't want to post the video from the online training as its likely copywritten.

Update: I may have found out part of the problem. I think im trying to play the falsetta too fast too soon and its causing me to tense up my left hand and press harder than necessary. Also most of the time when its nice out, I practice on the deck outside. I notice that I play harder outside likely to get the same amount of volume otherwise its underwhelming. Playing inside is inherently louder and perhaps overwhelming. Perhaps I either need to be aware that playing outside is not going to sound as good or punchy, or just practice new and technical things inside. At any rate and at this point I believe the issue may stem from overexertion due to playing outside with the same expectation and tensing up too much by trying to play too fast too soon.

I find its also best to take it easy for 15 minute or so aswell as thats at least how long it takes me to warm up and/or enter than meditative state.

gerundino63 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 20:33:27)

In one hour, you can make for instance 6 sessions. So if you train something 3 times after another, say a minute, you can do it 6 times with a 9 minute breack in between to practice other things.
Effectively you have trained the problem 18 times in one hour.

trivium91 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 26 2022 21:43:19)

Gotcha, so its best to break it up into shorter bursts through out the practice session. On work from home days I practice 15 minutes after lunch and 45 minutes in the evening for the total of 60 minutes so I suppose that helps. You're right though, work smart not hard. When I get into the flow I just keep going on the same falsetta and time flies but may not be the most effective strategy and may even be hard on my joints/hands.

ernandez R -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 27 2022 0:47:39)

In the vary first pages of Scott Tennats Pumping Nylon there is a short discussion about finger pressure and a few vary simple exercises, I re read it a couple weeks ago and it helped a lot to focus on fretting just the fingers one needs and the exercises are a good pre warm up and muscle power calibration.

I was taught many years ago to keep an anchor finger(s) in place but no one told me to stop pressing those fingers with full fretting force. I would press so hard with my index that I didn't have power to properly fret my ring or pinky.

Also watch PDL as he needs volume and force he is pulling the whole neck backwards with each cord rather then squeezing harder.


trivium91 -> RE: Sore Hand from guide fingers (Jul. 27 2022 23:31:43)

yup I understand this, I do the same thing with bar chords otherwise its pretty painful between the thumb and index. I think I'm also going to ditch the apple trackpad I use in my left hand. I don't think its one thing but everything that adds up, the guitar is just the straw that breaks the camels back since I work at a desk all day.

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