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George Dallino -> False Flamenco (Jul. 24 2022 11:26:10)

as an electric guitar player, this is my very first serious attempt to play "something spanish" on a flamenco guitar (hermanos camps primera negra).

I`m not shure this is the right place for stuff like this, let me know.

Hope you like it anyway.


Escribano -> RE: False Flamenco (Jul. 25 2022 6:26:01)

Welcome George.

I too came from an electric background, as did many of us. We are a little snobby about such things, nevertheless you have some nice progressions and "frills" and the start of some flamenco techniques going on here.

Flamenco is more about compás (timing) rather than just melody. It (generally) has some syncopation, for want of a better word, which is fairly unique to flamenco and is led by cante (singing) not the guitar.

I would learn a basic rasgueado (fan strumming), golpes and falsetas (groups of arpeggios, kind of) and fit into a traditional palo (a style).

I have forgotten more than I learned nowadays, but I would start with a simple soleares.

Compás first (always compás), then rasgueados and falsetas with appropriate golpes (knocks) in the right places, a little picado and tremelo. You can get a long way with a basic but solid approach.

Getting lessons will save you a whole lot of time or search here for recommended books and courses.

I am sure others can help me out here.

Argaith -> RE: False Flamenco (Jul. 25 2022 11:40:11)

Hi George,

All of what Simon said plus if you're serious about learning Flamenco you'll need to:

- understand what's it all about (i.e other elements such as Cante and Baile and the interaction between the guitarist and the singer and the dancer).

- Rhythm (which is one of the most significant elements of Flamenco)

- spend a lot of time on learning techniques and progressively improving them. You'll need to work a lot on your right hand.

- listen to as much flamenco as you can (including cante) and try to analyse in your brain what's going on. Listening to cante may be a bit difficult in the beginning [:D] but in time you'll get used to it and enjoy it whether or not you understand the letras.

All the best.

George Dallino -> RE: False Flamenco (Jul. 25 2022 13:22:01)

Hi Escribano,
hi Argaith,

thanks for your detailed replys, basically I agree with that as you can see from the tune`s title.

It is meant to be a guitar instrumental with added flamenco elements and not to follow any classic form.

To my mind, tunes like this have their merits and I’m working on further ones, just for the fun of it.

But also, I pledge improvement of my efforts concerning compas [;)] (of course, there is work in progress already).

I do listen to flamenco a lot, and, yes, there were some difficulties in listening to cante…[:D]


Escribano -> RE: False Flamenco (Jul. 25 2022 13:52:36)


To my mind, tunes like this have their merits and I’m working on further ones, just for the fun of it.

Understood, I am moving this to Off-Topic.

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