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Malthus101 -> Blanca o Negro for Canta Jondo? (May 31 2022 18:57:19)

Hello, newbie style question here!

I am primarily interested in cante jondo forms....

So should I look for a blanca or a negro guitar? Or does it make no difference/is a personal preference?

Or is it more to do with, will I be playing solo or as an accompaniment to a singer?


gerundino63 -> RE: Blanca o Negro for Canta Jondo? (May 31 2022 19:42:11)

It is pretty personal, I love the sound of a blanca, for old school stuff is a dry old school blanca perferct I think.
A Negra for solo stuff is also nice, but a blanca has that special sound a negra does not have.
I have a Jose Lopez Bellido from 1984 blanca, that would be perfect for that kind of music. Or accompanying cante Jondo.
Try a lot of guitars, and you will find the sound you like.

Malthus101 -> RE: Blanca o Negro for Canta Jondo? (May 31 2022 19:46:28)

OK I will, thank you!

Blackholesun -> RE: Blanca o Negro for Canta Jondo? (Jun. 26 2022 13:41:57)

Comping cante jondo is an art that takes many years to learn. If you are capable of acompanying for exampla a cante por solea, or siguiriyas, you mostly are used to your guitar already. If you start learning, many of the blancas are a bit easier to play.
Most important is, try the guitar and if you feel happy with it, that's the one to go :)

Morante -> RE: Blanca o Negro for Canta Jondo? (Jun. 26 2022 16:06:02)

This is a stupid question. The last time I had the chance to accompany Rancapino, somebody gave me a mala guitar de playa. Alonso did not mind.

Any guitar will do for any style.

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