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Arash -> Need new machine heads (below 100 bucks) (May 30 2022 13:43:18)

I need new machine heads for my sanchis and came across this site and these (I assume these are DerJung)

- are these ok for the price ?

- I never had machine heads with bearing alluminium shafts. are these good?

- any other alternatives when it comes to best bang for the buck (around or below $100), I heard DerJung can offer the most for the money, but that was couple years ago, not sure if things changed the last couple years and if there are other companies which are "go to" now or whatever. I am in Germany


orsonw -> RE: Need new machine heads (below 100 bucks) (May 30 2022 15:14:38)

I have had some even cheaper DerJung that worked very well. Accurate with no slack in the mechanism but they didn't have the bearing roller.

I don't have experience with Derjung bearing rollers. But I use (more expensive) Gotoh with bearing rollers. I find bearing rollers smoother to tune, easier to be accurate with small precision adjustment. Plus the aluminium shaft doesn't get worn by the strings like plastic can.

I've had good experience buying from Madinter. They have a good selection of Dejung (and others) at good prices. E.g.

Arash -> RE: Need new machine heads (below 100 bucks) (May 31 2022 15:35:35)

Thanks for your input. Yeah madinter is slightly better when it comes to prices. I think I will go with the most expensive DJ with bearing, which is still "only" 60 Euros, let's see how they are

etta -> RE: Need new machine heads (below 100 bucks) (Jun. 1 2022 16:19:33)

I put a medium level DerJung on my go to outdoor guitar, a Yamaha "flamenco". They are accurate and ultra smooth, more so than the Sloanes that I have on other guitars.

Arash -> RE: Need new machine heads (below 100 bucks) (Jun. 4 2022 13:42:26)

Thanks etta, ordered one and waiting for it arrive.

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