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Arash -> Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 18 2022 12:30:37)

So I haven't been here for couple years and from what I see there are very few active people here. At least compared to the past there is not much being posted. Is this more of a forum format issue (people using other mediums like discord or whatever) or a flamenco issue (or maybe even any instrument) in general (less interest in it, less people starting to learn flamenco guitar, etc.).

I stopped playing guitar for couple years due to some issues, so I've been out of the loop

Just curious since I remember a very active (and sometimes crazy[:D])
community here.

Ricardo -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 18 2022 13:46:57)

Based on your post activity it seems you missed most of the pandemic (parts of 2020 and all of 2021). So you are well aware of the general decline due to social media, political divisiveness etc, that has occurred after PDL’s death and Trumps election. So it should not be a surprise that the Pandemic changed things a lot, and not for the better with live stream music concerts etc, generally too slow at going back to “normal”. None the less we have had a few hot topics you missed, mainly about flamenco history and flamencology that were interesting. But recently (early April) it was so slow there was no posts for a couple days and Escribano announced that he would shut down the forum completely. I think that might have caused even the few lurkers to leave. After a few days he changed his mind or found a solution to maintain the foro, and it has been slow picking back up.

devilhand -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 18 2022 18:50:07)


I stopped playing guitar for couple years due to some issues, so I've been out of the loop

Welcome back! I'm curious to know what stopped you playing flamenco guitar.
Any guitar related injuries or life just got in the way?

I've been into flamenco for about 4 years. One can say I'm just getting started. It looks like it will be a lifetime journey.

Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 18 2022 19:23:44)

Thank you for the summary.

I stopped watching the news and TV a few years back, not because I never knew it was biased and propaganda infected (from all sides), but because I finally realized (too late admittedly) that all this "information" fed to us is useless and just waste of energy and time.
Consumed information without practical use, is a waste. The only "use" was fodder to devise and discuss and fight with others which in itself was completely useless. I don't even know anymore what is going on in german politics, who is who, etc. and I am happy to say that I'm confident that I didn't miss a god damn thing as opposed to someone who followed every single news daily, and in fact I believe Im much better off in saving my energy and time for more postive and usefull stuff. All I consume nowadays are some podcasts talking with interesting people, documentaries about scientific subjects and some comedy on youtube to cheer me up, absolutely nothing else. I believe even if I can save one single insect in my own garden from death, that is more usefull than 10 years of consuming any news and trying to discuss world issues with others, nowadays.

Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 19 2022 10:01:13)


ORIGINAL: devilhand

Any guitar related injuries or life just got in the way?

more like life got in the way and robbed my passion, for a while.
but im getting back into it

Stu -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 24 2022 21:49:06)

Hey Arash! Welcome back man.

I too fell out of the foro and also playing guitar.mainly due to having children and that madness that brings!
I look in now and again bit not playing as much...building when I can though.

I had to post because I too have decided to drop out of following the news! It's just a mad circus and 90% irrelevant to my life. I stopped watching, listening etc after the Russian war kicked off. It may be 'ignorance is bliss' but I feel much more relaxed and happy without constant stream of news on my life.

I remember reading some where about doctors who are seeing patients for stress. The number one advice from the doctors is..'stop watching the news'

Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 25 2022 9:39:39)

Hey Stu ! How are you man? Long time no see. So you're a daddy now, thats cool.
Sorry for late reply, I must have missed this post somehow.

Yeah man, it all just makes you angry without any result, eats your time and energy. Good for you, focus on what you can change and do in your familly, thats the best you can do these days.

Sr. Martins -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 25 2022 12:21:12)

Reporting for duty!

Where is Lenny?

JasonM -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 25 2022 15:47:00)

Agree, we have too much data coming into our brains these days. They say boredom can be healthy for developing goals and achieving them

Stu -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 26 2022 19:23:29)

Yeah so much info and stimulus. Need to leave more space for ideas! Or to think about that guitar I need to go and get finished now the weather is warmer here.😂

Yeah Arash, 2 children now! The youngest had just turned 1 so hoping I'll be able to return to accompanying some dance classes and find some inspiration/ motivation for playing again soon.

Whatever happened to the foro challenges? They always used to create a decent buzz

Mark2 -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 26 2022 20:04:36)

Reading this thread and seeing RonM’s thread reappear made me realize how many great forum members have drifted away. I wonder if they just stopped being interested in flamenco. That’s baffling to me. It’s such a deep art that after decades I’m still fascinated

Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 26 2022 20:47:58)

yey good to see at least some of the "OGs" I remember :D

Stu, amazing man, I am happy for you.
Yeah the years with those challenges was a very active time here.
Damn now I remember dudes like Florian, Todd, Doitsujin, Deniz, bursche, etc. fun times. They all seem to have moved on. And some of the luthiers too.

Mark, I guess some people are still into flamenco, they just don't have the desire or time to engage in the forum (for different reasons maybe).

Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 26 2022 20:58:02)

But honestly, I also think there isn't much "new blood" coming in and interested in learning an instrument like flamenco guitar compared to lets say 15 years ago.
But this is definately not backed by any data or anything, just a general vibe and feeling I have that kids these days are generally less interested to spend time to learn this art and acoustic instruments in general, and distracted with so much other stuff available, but maybe I'm wrong.

gerundino63 -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 26 2022 22:27:07)

Welcome again Arash! Good to see you around!
And Stu, two children allready! A great blessing. 😀

rombsix -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 27 2022 22:23:29)

Hi folks,

I moved to Queens, New York and have not yet gotten situated but starting to do so a bit more now. Life is getting so much harder these days. As a psychiatrist, I see it every single day in the patients I treat. I was very lucky to go into a field that, unfortunately, it seems will likely only get higher and higher in demand as all the stressors around us now take a greater toll on everybody.

It's like I posted a few months (years?) ago about how my perspectives on the world these days have been gloomy, and I too have as much as possible unplugged from social media (never owned a TV since I moved to the USA). My country back home has been decimated, but it appears the entire planet is not being spared now from inflation, upcoming hunger crises, etc.

I do my best to still dance tango and play guitar, but I've seemingly just lost the hunger for them (which might come back). I may have been trying to juggle too many things at once and my brain just got inundated and had no bandwidth left, so whenever that happens, the first things to go are guitar and tango, which is a catch-22 because these are the things I use to bring my brain back to health at times.

I've been reading about gratitude these days (first time I've picked up a non-medical book / textbook in a long time) and trying to keep my lens optimistic through that coping mechanism, but it takes hard work to find the balance between being somewhat informed (and not totally removed from major things in the world) while not being consumed by all of what's happening around us.

I still post a bit in the recording section, etc. but I'm selling most of my gear these days and trying to simplify my approach to life. Perhaps the Foro fell by the wayside as a result...

Infinite thanks go to Simon for keeping this place alive all these years --- quite the impressive feat.

With much longing and appreciation!

Ramzi [:)]

Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 28 2022 12:25:07)

hey gerundino !! nice to see you !

rombsix my man ! long time no see, glad to see you!
I hear you , minimalistic lifestyle can be very freeing these days. But don't put the guitar away, the desire to play will come back sooner or later. Also kudos to you for the profession, a good psychologist is what many ppl need these days and I'm sure you're a good one.

thomazozo -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 28 2022 23:22:37)

I thought I would post here considering I have belonged to the forum for over a year, and have only posted once, to introduce myself. I have been playing guitar for 20 years and started flamenco in 2021 after realizing I always wanted to play a "nylon/classical guitar" and eventually realized I liked "spanish music" ...

A year later I have taken lessons, my entire music library is full of flamenco music, I have GAS but refuse to buy without traveling to play many flamenco guitars, and now I am looking to vacation and hear flamenco in person for the first time.

On a note with young people and flamenco. I am an art professor and my art classes are 3 and half hours twice a week, and my students get PUNISHED by flamenco hahaha. However, the metaphors and relationships i build between design, painting, drawing, art history, flamenco, and classical guitar has created a really amazing experience for my students and myself, as we discover new ways to relate to design and creativity.

To conclude: Young people are interested. I show them a GSI video of Grisha playing Almoraima and they are blown away. Also many of my friends who are musicians are kind of astounded by the entirely new way I approach the instrument and music, and invite me to play amongst our friend hang outs often.

There are new players all the time, flamenco is alive, and without the forum I don't think I would understand half of what I know about flamenco, history, and luthiery. I don't post because quite honestly there is already SO MUCH CONTENT, and I hate to just be a NOOB who didn't go down the rrabbit hole before posting.



Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 29 2022 14:28:11)

Thanks for the insight and nice to hear that there is still a lot of interest in flamenco, Thomas !!

[Awaiting Approval]

[Awaiting Approval]

Argaith -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 30 2022 11:57:32)

Hi all,

Good to see some of the older time members chiming in.
I believe when one's got the Flamenco bug there's no way out of it :)

I'm still playing and learning although not accompanying dance classes anymore.
I think the Covid lockdowns sent a lot of whatever was going on into hibernation. Things are gradually coming coming back to normal!

Take care all and keep on playing/singing/dancing.


Arash -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 30 2022 12:10:24)

Hi Ali, nice to see you're still around :)

Stu -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (May 30 2022 14:27:36)

Yeah I'm pretty sure having children destroys all the other stuff! 😄 at least for a while... I'm edging back to normality and discovering my interested and hobbies. But yeah like argaith says.... Seems like the London scene is slowly coming back, but not like it was yet...

Who's classes have you accompanied in London Argaith?

I think a couple of weeks in Andalucia would really sort me out!

mark indigo -> RE: Is the forum more or less inactive? (Jul. 5 2022 20:28:55)

¡Hola Todos!

I just signed in for the first time in 2 months.

I don't post much these days but I lurk around and check the days posts most days.

really missed playing for dance classes during lockdowns (but otherwise wasn't bothered by it), but all more or less back to normal now.

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