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Schieper -> Identifying Palo (May 6 2022 14:58:20)

I probably will get temporary banned for asking this question but stil taking the risk..

Which palo is below song (rumba?)?

Any any chance somebody recognises the guitar part, as a cover from a song that might be transcribed in tab somewhere?

Fluknu -> RE: Identifying Palo (May 6 2022 16:44:41)

Yes, Rumba. There's no dumb questions.

gerundino63 -> RE: Identifying Palo (May 6 2022 18:09:56)

Heel leuk! Lijken de vrije jongens wel, van van kooten en de bie. Geen gezeik iedereen rijk. 😃

devilhand -> RE: Identifying Palo (May 6 2022 20:16:15)


Which palo is below song (rumba?)?

Haha. Ask Mr. Marlow. He knows best.

Schieper -> RE: Identifying Palo (May 8 2022 15:56:21)

Ze schijnen CD's vol te hebben gemaakt met "Flamingo" muziek..

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