What Karajan didn’t know (Full Version)

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Brendan -> What Karajan didn’t know (Apr. 5 2022 23:08:40)

Perhaps this will lighten the mood a little. It tickled me. I can see a book called “What a classical musician can’t know about flamenco”. Or to make it personal, “What Mozart didn’t know about flamenco” or with Carmen in mind “What Bizet didn’t know about Flamenco”

But Von Karajan? Why him, of all people? That’s whimsical. And then—volume II! Stick with an idea long enough, maybe it will come good.

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devilhand -> RE: What Karajan didn’t know (Apr. 6 2022 1:01:27)


But Von Karajan? Why him, of all people? That’s whimsical.

Never heard of him before. I had to google it. Looks like it has something to do with his standing in Spain.
He has multi-platinum record sales in Spain according to German Wikipedia. Higher record sales than in any other country.


Btw, this topic reminds me What Darwin never knew documentary. Definitely one of the best.

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