Kanye West’s Trilogy series (Full Version)

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RobF -> Kanye West’s Trilogy series (Feb. 26 2022 2:03:24)

I know this might be a strange place to be posting this, but I’ve been watching Kanye West’s new Netflix series jeen-yuhs and quite enjoying it. Maybe it’s just a biopic, but it’s a biopic made by someone who had the presence of mind and sufficient belief in himself to actually do it. With that in mind, it’s pretty powerful stuff and I think there’s a lot worse things one can do with their time than spending a few hours checking it out. Recommended.

Ricardo -> RE: Kanye West’s Trilogy series (Mar. 6 2022 18:22:14)

Only watched first episode. I found it amusing how they fight over who taught who how to “create” beats.[:D][:D]. Loved old rap going back to nucleus run DMC etc, even beastie boys….but since then I don’t understand what the impressive thing is. The rhythms they do are not amazing, some things don’t even rhyme. Anyway the most impressive thing was Kanye’s mom…she seemed like good peeps.

mrstwinkle -> RE: Kanye West’s Trilogy series (Mar. 6 2022 20:58:41)

Might watch it, but honestly I don't find anything he has done since Golddigger remotely interesting.

RobF -> RE: Kanye West’s Trilogy series (Mar. 6 2022 23:44:33)

What I found interesting about it was he had the chutzpah to retain a cameraman to film him as he negotiated his way into getting his first release done. That and that the cameraman/narrator believed in him enough to actually do it. I mean, if you take the music out of it (I still think his early stuff was quite brilliant on a number of levels but I haven’t really followed the later stuff) it’s a story about The American Dream. Beyond having brass balls and an unflagging belief in himself, he comes across as a very likeable and sympathetic character and I found myself rooting for him as he made his climb.

I haven’t seen the third episode yet, but I quite enjoyed the first two. The narrator does a great job of telling the story and, yeah, it’s nice to see how much he respected and deferred to his mom.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Apr. 23 2022 10:11:42)

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