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youlegend -> Alhambra 4F G- First flamenco guitar (Feb. 1 2022 4:59:58)

As posted in my new member introduction, I finally got around to buying a flamenco guitar.
Picked up this second-hand guitar today for $800 (500€), given the condition, and that it came with a semi-hard case, spare strings, a small tuner, and an introduction to flamenco book I thought it was a decent deal.

A brand new Alhambra 4F in Australia is about $1350 (850€) excluding the case.

Before I bought it I did a bit of searching, which is how I came across this forum and saw that the 4F G I was thinking of buying was an older model, and made before 2012 I think.
The rosette is different to the newer model, and the serial no. on the label is not alpha-numeric (just numbers), and the headstock doesn't have the A logo. I think there may have been a sticker on it before, but it's no longer there.
Worked out after sometime that the G in 4F G was most likely for Golpeade, and that it came installed from the factory most likely.

Plays really well, but I will change the strings soon as it's a bit worn.
Sent a message to Alhambra to try and identify the year of manufacture, but haven't heard back yet. Does anyone know how to understand Alhambra's serial no.?
Mine is 38110134
I have a Gibson, and they have a pretty easy way to decode their serial numbers.

Anyway, here is a picture

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Escribano -> RE: Alhambra 4F G- First flamenco guitar (Feb. 1 2022 9:26:58)

You can ask Alhambra.

When was my guitar built?

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