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Jay4Jay -> New golpeador - recommendations? (Jan. 28 2022 15:50:04)

Hello all,

I have removed the golpeador from a Cordoba GK Studio and am about to buy a new one.
The new golpeador must cover a larger area than the old/original one that was removed.

Apart from size, are there any recommendations (quality, brand, thickness, durability) to keep in mind before buying/using a golpeador?
Or are the golpeadors offered online all of good quality?

Thanks !

Rubino -> RE: New golpeador - recommendations? (Jan. 28 2022 16:27:20)

I don't know if you're in the US but this one worked nicely for a guitar that I refurbished for a friend.

Hopefully it's large enough for you.

gerundino63 -> RE: New golpeador - recommendations? (Jan. 28 2022 16:42:11)

John van Gool, a luthier in Holland, sends his goleadores to a lot of luthiers over the world.

Jay4Jay -> RE: New golpeador - recommendations? (Jan. 29 2022 8:50:15)

On this one from LMII,

Is large enough (minimum required is 20 x 20 cm) .
And I like the thickness which is only .27 mm.
But the shipment rate for a single piece is too high, to send it to Europe, to be interesting.

Jay4Jay -> RE: New golpeador - recommendations? (Feb. 5 2022 17:42:42)

Thanks gerundino63 !

Got the golpeador at van John van Gool - Luthiers / Holland.

They're offering great service as I returned 1st Golpeador because I wanted a larger one.
Golpeador sizes , other than listed on their website, can be ordered by email.
At no extra charge , van Gool send me another , bigger sized golpeador, which is 20 x 22 cm, thickness 0,28 mm .
It doesn't come precut. I had to made it fit.

Some pictures when applying it to the guitar...

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