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Andy Culpepper -> Help with spray lacquer? (Jan. 27 2022 2:02:41)

Hey all, I have had some clients asking for lacquer finished guitars. Thought I would put feelers out here to see if anyone would be interested in that kind of job. Looking for high quality, thin finish. I don't touch the stuff, only FP for me [:)]

Echi -> RE: Help with spray lacquer? (Jan. 27 2022 8:59:24)

It’s wise to outsource the job but in case you change your mind, there’s a company selling kind of nitro finish you can apply exactly as shellac. The actual product is a mix of shellac and nitro stuff; it’s an Italian brand and the varnish - unique in it’s genre - is very reliable. Of course you’ll have the problems of fumes etc.

Tom Blackshear -> RE: Help with spray lacquer? (Jan. 27 2022 16:28:26)

Andy, I don't blame you for not wanting to fool with Lacquer but Lester DeVoe has a finish guy who does spray Lacquer, if you want to contact him. He might have a phone number on his website. Actually I just found his contact info on his website:

Lester DeVoe, Luthier
680 Camino Roble, Nipomo, California 93444 USA
Phone: (805) 858-8424 E-Mail:

ernandez R -> RE: Help with spray lacquer? (Jan. 27 2022 17:50:35)

I always have people asking me to make steel string guitars, I have to explain there is a big difference and it's not a direction I feel I need to go. Now, if I want to make money I should just do it. I've only been thinking about it because a guy I've worked for for over twenty years and an elder in our Alaskan aviation community had asked if I would build him a steel string...

Anyway your need for lacquer made me think of this this morning and making compromises and making money vs having to make money.

Guessing your looking for someone on the east coast?

If you find someone who shoots guitars post their contact here.


Andy Culpepper -> RE: Help with spray lacquer? (Jan. 29 2022 2:23:38)

Thank you guys for the recommendations. Yeah ernandez, it's something I've really hesitated to do but I've had so many people asking for it now. If it's good enough for Lester it's certainly worth trying. I hate turning away business, and a good lacquer finish makes sense for people whose sweat eats through FP, play a lot of gigs outside, etc. At least on the back and sides.

ernandez R -> RE: Help with spray lacquer? (Jan. 29 2022 2:59:57)

So I'm assuming lacquer is one of those spray, then sand, spray then sand, spray block, spray sand, then sand finer, and finer then get out the big buffing wheel kind of processes, rather then shoot for a wet look and stop?

I would think to mask off the top, say after a spit coat, shoot and polish the lacquer, then French polish the top or is there a better reason to do it the other way?

I've looked at a few other alternative finishes some other luthiers are using, Osmo which is an oil finish and Murdoks uralkolyd, with an idea to use shellac on the top. Nothing serious just curious. I'm just not that interested in exposing myself to the chemicals after a lifetime of killing brain cells almost every way imaginable. The Murdoch's has a mineral spirit base and that's the stuff I cooked my lungs with some 15 years ago, it's fairly benign but almost deadly when you do dumb :/ The Osmo is supposed to be a lot safer but I don't recall the exact version they are using for guitars as they make a number of products.

Alin Carruth, who post a fair amount over at the Dalcamp, has mentioned the Murdoch's a few times and seems to like it for his classical. If I recall its one of those 'as long as you don't spray it too thick' kind of things.


Pgh_flamenco -> RE: Help with spray lacquer? (Jan. 29 2022 15:37:54)


I've looked at a few other alternative finishes some other luthiers are using...

Have you considered gunstock Tru-Oil? I’ve used it on guitar necks and fretboards. It’s usually buffed with steel wool, which gives it a matte finish, but I’ve polished successive coats to create a thin, glass-like finish. It is extremely easy to apply by hand. There are no special tools or substances required. Anyone can do it and the process only takes a few minutes.

I know people who used to spray lacquer on cars. Controlling temperature and humidity were critical. Too much humidity and it would become hazy.

ernandez R -> RE: Help with spray lacquer? (May 11 2022 18:39:10)


any luck with finding a suitable pistoleros?

Classical I’m finishing up now is telling me it wants that kind of glossy nitro etc.

Had a back and forth with @Vancouverguitarfinishing via Instagram. They do a UV poly for $600, extra $150 if bridge on, 8 weeks processing but for $200 they can rush in three weeks.

We didn’t get into a lot of detail as in not finishing the top or Nitro rather then the poly, like I said just a few short back and forths.

The timeline won’t work for me so I’m just going to push my padding to the next level!


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