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Lcid -> Der Jung Tuners/ Zebulon Turrentine (Jan. 1 2022 21:38:23)

I replaced the standard tuners on my Yamaha with some Der Jung that I purchased from Zebulon Turrentine. He also offers an install kit that I purchases and it was excellent. [image][/image]

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Schieper -> RE: Der Jung Tuners/ Zebulon Turrentine (Jan. 3 2022 23:47:39)

verry nice... well done

etta -> RE: Der Jung Tuners/ Zebulon Turrentine (Jan. 21 2022 14:47:25)

Several months ago I visited Zeb's shop and had him install the same set of Der Jung tuners on a flamenco guitar. They are inexpensive, smooth, of fine quality, and seem to be as functional as any tuners I have used. It was a pleasure to visit Zeb's shop and see the quality of his guitar work.

TomBeltran -> RE: Der Jung Tuners/ Zebulon Turrentine (Jan. 23 2022 3:35:04)

They certainly look nice for the price. I noticed something I've never seen before, which is the installation kit. Interestingly, it includes a dowel to plug the holes. Are these tuners made with a non-standard hole spacing, i.e., something other than 35mm? The web site did not say what the roller spacing is.

Lcid -> RE: Der Jung Tuners/ Zebulon Turrentine (Jan. 26 2022 18:10:15)

Can’t remember the exact spacing but not all the holes from the Yamaha tuners lined up.

Rubino -> RE: Der Jung Tuners/ Zebulon Turrentine (Jan. 27 2022 16:50:14)

I upgraded the tuning machines on an inexpensive and old Yamaha classical with the same ones from Der Jung.

A friend hopped into my car and, upon seeing just the headstock sticking out from under a blanket in the back seat, asked me "Why are you transporting this expensive guitar without a case?!"

This person works for a guitar company and owns custom classical guitars. The Yamaha was one of those $120 models that didn't have the logo on the headstock.

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