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constructordeguitarras -> John Lennon's Guitars (Dec. 29 2021 4:06:34)

I'm not sure if this will be of interest. Maybe it's not even appropriate. But it was interesting to me. The way even great musicians had trouble getting good instruments at the beginning of their careers, and the way The Beatles bought factory-made guitars and had them modified, and the way guitar companies eventually wanted to convince them to use their guitars. I think there are lessons here for luthiers.

Morante -> RE: John Lennon's Guitars (Dec. 29 2021 15:20:29)

Muchas gracias Ethan. The youtube page has other interesting things for oldtime rockers who love guitars.

Joan Maher -> [Deleted] (Feb. 24 2023 17:14:38)

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Cervantes -> RE: John Lennon's Guitars (Feb. 25 2023 20:32:10)

Here is good one on Jeff Beck.
We lost a great one RIP

estebanana -> RE: John Lennon's Guitars (Mar. 1 2023 2:18:10)

The Soviet consulate sent them a set of cheap nylon string guitars. Must have been a gift for writing Back in the USSR

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