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constructordeguitarras -> Linen vs Cotton for French Polishing (Dec. 18 2021 4:17:06)

I have been using cotton cheese cloth for French polishing for many years. I recently tried some linen fabric which I got on sale. It's hard to compare with the cheese cloth because the linen fabric is much heavier. But I have found that it repels the shellac solution more, taking longer for the solution to be absorbed into the pad. And the linen seems to wear out much faster than the cotton cheese cloth. Maybe I'm just using the wrong linen fabric. I am curious what others who have tried linen (and cotton) have found.

RobF -> RE: Linen vs Cotton for French Polishing (Dec. 19 2021 14:53:23)

I read somewhere, I think it was on the directions for cleaning glasses with anti-reflective coatings, not to use linen for cleaning. From that I’ve always assumed it was scratchy/abrasive and not considered it for French polishing for that reason. Maybe it would be good as a cover for applying pumice? Also, does it seem “scratchy” to you?

The lack of absorbency you’ve noted would also scare me off, as I’d worry about have a too wet fad at the start that would end up sticky or hard as the unabsorbed shellac dried on the surface of the fibres (but not having tried it I can’t really say much about that).

constructordeguitarras -> RE: Linen vs Cotton for French Polishing (Dec. 19 2021 16:15:52)

Thanks for your reply, Rob.
I got the idea of using linen from an article by or about Robert Ruck and his FP procedure (that I read a long time ago). In fact, the surface of the linen covered pad seems shiny to me. After three days of polishing with them now, I have found that linen leaves too much debris in the finish--which I should have expected, since it wears out quickly. So I am off linen. Unless I find another type of linen that might behave differently.

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