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orsonw -> Jason McGuire is in need of support (Dec. 11 2021 11:01:15)

I have learnt that Jason is in need of support.


New Beginner -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Jan. 9 2022 5:49:01)

He is an inspiration. I am currently having my own, rather minor but frustrating, banking issues. As soon as they are resolved Maggie and I will put £500 UK into the pot. We have been dazzled by his recent output on his youtube channel. I struggle with hypomania and find it sometimes difficult to focus, he inspired me to pick up my guitar and play a little on my
youtube channel 'For my Brother Jason with Love and Solidarity'.


I am a meanie and will want a lesson or two in exchange whenever he has the time. Hopefully in my home. I can wait a lifetime.

And yes, if anyone cares to look, I know I dropped a beat and fluffed the Bach. Music needn't be perfect, just make it with love and, if possible, a friend or twelve.



mackhomie -> [Deleted] (Jan. 10 2022 4:24:36)

Post has been moved to the Recycle Bin at Jan. 11 2022 5:20:13

TGerman -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Jan. 10 2022 9:37:55)

I, too, am happy for Jason that he was able to raise enough funds to help improve his situation.

I apologize for detracting from thread topic here but Mackhomie what are you referring to about Ethan here? Did something happen and what/how does this tie in with Jason?

Escribano -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Jan. 10 2022 9:42:44)

It's a weak joke. Read "Deutsche Bank" in the fundraiser

kitarist -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Jan. 10 2022 19:39:02)


ORIGINAL: Escribano

It's a weak joke. Read "Deutsche Bank" in the fundraiser

It's a pretty horrible 'joke'. Imagine this being read in a year or two when the fundraiser link would not be functional anymore, by someone internet-checking Mr. Deutsch's reputation with the intent of ordering a guitar from him. I'd hope that mackhomie simply deletes it.

gerundino63 -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Jan. 10 2022 21:24:07)

Also, for a non native speaker it is sometimes very difficult to read sarcasm or that kind of jokes.
I do understand that is the problem of the non native speaker, but this particular joke can harm somebody’s reputation.

mackhomie -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Jan. 11 2022 5:18:30)

what kind of musician is this uptight? if I said the next time you went to McDonald's, I would serve you an expired burger because my name is Mack and therefore I own all McDonalds restaurants, equally outraged?
for the record, both Jason and I bought guitars from ethan, who is not the owner of Deutsche bank (can't believe I have to say this) possibly the worlds most famous bank, constantly in the news for shady dealings.
I considered deleting the comment just because it wasnt particularly funny, but it's proving useful as a litmus test--though I'd probably get in trouble for being more specific.
I'm surprised you guys even have time to leave comments here with all the time you spend practicing marching and watching comedies without smiling.
As you were!

Pgh_flamenco -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Apr. 8 2022 5:25:54)

Have there been any updates for this issue?

Edit: According to Zillow their property sold on 12/28/21.

xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: Jason McGuire is in need of support (Apr. 8 2022 12:04:48)

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