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n85ae -> Any updates on Anders? (Dec. 1 2021 21:35:58)

Just curious, have not seen Anders on the Foro in ages. Anybody know what has become of him? Seems even his guitar building sites are all abandoned.


tele -> RE: Any updates on Anders? (Dec. 12 2021 22:02:19)

It was a good while ago that he seemed to move from Spain back to Denmark, if I remember correctly he continued to build guitars there.

BarkellWH -> RE: Any updates on Anders? (Dec. 12 2021 23:17:55)

As I recall, in his parting comments regarding his move back to Denmark, Anders stated he was thinking of going into boat building. Perhaps he is building both guitars and boats, but I got the impression he was thinking of abandoning guitars and taking up boats.


Richard Jernigan -> RE: Any updates on Anders? (Dec. 12 2021 23:37:33)

For a while after Anders moved back to Denmark he maintained a web site. He listed a workshop address which I looked up on Google Maps. I recall a couple of guitars for sale on it. I believe they were made in Denmark.

I know of nothing else for quite a while since then.


gerundino63 -> RE: Any updates on Anders? (Dec. 13 2021 9:20:05)

We had the last email contact June 2019, he stopped building and was a teacher on a school.
He seems a happy camper!

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