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bftobin -> Intro (Oct. 22 2021 18:04:30)

Hello to all. I found this forum through a CG forum. After reading a few posts as a Guest, I realized what a a wealth of information there was. So many kind and generous people on here.


BarkellWH -> RE: Intro (Oct. 22 2021 18:13:14)

Welcome, Brent. The few recent posts you may have read as a guest do not begin to suggest the wealth of information that exists on the Foro. Using the "Search" function, you will find just about anything you want to know in the archives, from suggestions regarding ordering flamenco guitars to playing techniques to luthiery.


Piwin -> RE: Intro (Oct. 23 2021 13:43:36)

Welcome to the foro!

bftobin -> RE: Intro (Oct. 25 2021 17:35:22)

Thank you for your warm welcome.


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