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Fridge -> Best next guitar ? (Oct. 17 2021 19:57:41)

I am a very poor but improving player
I have a nice Córdoba 7 and would like to step up in quality
Any suggestions ?

mrstwinkle -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Oct. 17 2021 20:27:23)

Blanca or negra? What sound you after? Budget?

I had an F7. They sound good for the money.

Luthiers on here will hate me, Buy used.

ernandez R -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Oct. 18 2021 9:29:47)



I am a very poor but improving player
I have a nice Córdoba 7 and would like to step up in quality
Any suggestions ?

Hay fridge, welcolm to the Foro.

You haven't said where you live as that helps in directing you toward a luthier if that's what you are driving at.

There are a few who post here regularly, I build but I'm not yet at a level I want to sell.

How much you want to spend?
How long you been playing?
Favorite arrests?

You know stuff like that.

Like Mrstinkle says used is a good option but the general rule is you need to play it before buying or at least a generious return policy. Of course this applies to new as well.

Of you are in the US and west coast Ethan who posts here often has a shop in Seattle and on the east coast there is... Shoot, name is not coming to me... Duuuu... Well shoot, some one save me please, oh ya Andy Culpepper.

Rob who posts here is in Canada I think and he builds as well, he is off galavanting in Spain so don't know if he will surface anytime soon, unless the wine runs out.

In Japan or what us Yanks call the Far East there is Stephan Faulk, he might be on a Foro time out as he has a particular sence of wit about him that could be construed as problamitec but forgivable as he likes to share his building knowladge here freely.

There is Pali who makes boots and other stringed instruments, he is in Spain. He hasn't actually said he is selling but what the heck, we are all selling somthing.

Dig around the luthery section threads to get a better feel for what you want vs what you need. My gut feeling is you should take the $2-3k you are thinking of spending on a guitar and spend it on some intense lessons, fly to Spain for a few weeks and imurse youself. At this begaining stage remember it's not the guitar it's the player, and I supose that any mediocre Flamenco player will make your current guitar sound like a $12k Conde or whatever. Of course a better instrument can inspire and should inspire you to be a better player.

Shop around and when you think you've found one suitable bring it up here and the pros will set you straight or drive you to play a ukelalie ;)


Ricardo -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Oct. 18 2021 13:56:12)

Guitars made in Valencia by ricardo Sanchis or hermanos Sanchis Lopez are great step up.

silddx -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Nov. 3 2021 7:55:47)

I am in the same boat, poor but improving. I have the Yamaha SF which seems very good, but since I have been playing guitar for 40 odd years and listening to music for even longer, I want something that pleases my ears more.

I have a Juan Montes Rodriguez on its way from Spain, should get it at the weekend. These guitars seem like they will be good value for money.

FLWaves on Reverb sell them, Michele Iaccarino tests and plays them and there are videos of him playing the guitars in the shop. He does Skype tours of the guitars you want to look at too. They have many more than are on Reverb so it's worth emailing I think.

ric -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Nov. 3 2021 13:57:57)

Judging by your name, you must live in a cold climate.[:D]
One thing to ask, is that typically a luthier made guitar will sound better than a factory made guitar, which of course means more money. If you are hooked on flamenco and see yourself doing this for years, get the best guitar you can afford. As your playing improves, your sound will improve, but as others said, what kind of sound do you want?
I bought my Ethan Deutsch (sp?) guitar after hearing jason mcguire play one on youtube. I loved the rasqueado sound, and still do. Right now I don't have any desire to move to a different guitar which is kind of a relief, since a lot of guys are constantly changing guitars--not my cuppa tea! Good luck!

silddx -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Nov. 6 2021 20:37:45)

Wow! I received the Juan Montes Rodriguez yesterday, let it acclimate, put some new strings on, and I love it! It's wonderful! And the smell is intoxicating! I'm delighted. Cost me about £1k GBP including import duties. It's used but mint, and there are a few new ones on Reverb at the moment from FLWaves. It's a really significant step up from my Yamaha SF which will be selling on.

This is what I got.

FelixH -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Nov. 7 2021 10:50:38)

I agree with Ricardo, Hermanos Samchis Lopez guitars are great for the price particularly on the second hand market. I used to own a negra that was lightweight and had a great sound.

roozbeh60 -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Nov. 15 2021 8:05:25)

I have a Salvador Castillo Blanca posted in the classified if you are interested. It is definitely a step up with an awesome tone but won't empty your pocket. A really popular guitar and Luthier btw.

Best of luck

kenjo138 -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Nov. 17 2021 21:10:55)

I have several Condes in excellent condition at really good prices if you are interested.

tele -> RE: Best next guitar ? (Dec. 12 2021 22:09:44)

I would guess that due to financial crisis at this time there are good deals on Spanish sites wallapop and milanuncios at this time but only buy in person. So if you go to Spain I mean. There are also quite a few luthiers who's guitars aren't highly priced, it's a matter of trying one out before buying. Don't buy one by mail unless it's a great deal.

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