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bahen -> Repairing at a violin luthier? (Oct. 5 2021 7:42:17)

Any thoughts on whether it would be a good idea to ask my local violin luthier here in Oxford to do some superficial repairs on my guitar? It's quite scratched up, unfortunately, and my recent airport travails put a big scratch on the back. It's all pretty superficial, but there's a lot to do. Was also thinking of replacing the machine heads.

I could go to London as well and maybe find an actual guitar luthier but that would be a bit of a hassle. Any recommendations on that front?

*Edit: Just saw the other thread on London recommendations.

Stephen Eden -> RE: Repairing at a violin luthier? (Oct. 6 2021 7:46:31)

There are quire a few Luthiers around Oxfordshire. Oren Myers comes to mind. If you look for Joss Winn you might be able to find his Luthier map of the UK.

bahen -> RE: Repairing at a violin luthier? (Oct. 7 2021 7:21:39)

Many thanks for these references. I'll chase them up.

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