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Auda -> RE: Flamenco Guitar (Oct. 15 2021 18:17:08)


Well, I'd recommend a trip to Granada just for the city itself (which is just drop-dead gorgeous, but I'm biased :)

I am biased too. Spent a Christmas day wandering around the Alhambra. I have traveled around Spain quite a bit but unfortunately it was all during my guitar hiatus.


devilhand -> RE: Flamenco Guitar (Oct. 16 2021 15:29:24)


I will admit it wasn't my dream to learn to play flamenco. It was an obsession. Traveling a lot on business in the 1970s my technique began to suffer from lack of practice. Out of frustration I decided to quit, but found I couldn't, so I bought a flight case and started taking a guitar with me.

Thanks for sharing this. So true. If you are obsessed with something no matter how busy you are, you'll always find the time or a solution. You make that happen. I'm pretty sure you're a great flamenco/classical guitar player.

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