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bahen -> Lole y Manuel (Sep. 1 2021 20:19:24)

I've been smitten with this haunting piece by Lole y Manuel from Carlos Saura's 'Flamenco' for years and wondered if anyone knows where one can find the tabs / notes.

zendalex -> RE: Lole y Manuel (Sep. 2 2021 3:10:31)

Tabs/notes, on this? Sorry why would you need them, its just a few chord changes, not fancy at all the way he plays it.

bahen -> RE: Lole y Manuel (Sep. 3 2021 20:56:49)

Thanks for the useful reply, Mr Fancy Pants!

Fluknu -> RE: Lole y Manuel (Sep. 5 2021 9:41:08)

Is it the chords you're looking for or the fillings? I also enjoy that song. For me, as a beginner, lole y Manuel are really perfect to work on. It's not to fast, enjoyable and a good practice.

Could you be more specific on what you're looking for in the song?

bahen -> RE: Lole y Manuel (Sep. 23 2021 23:51:26)

Thanks for your reply. I actually ended up purchasing the tabs for this from Strict orders not to distribute, but would otherwise have been glad to share. It's not a lot to purchase ($15, I believe), so definitely reach out if it's of interest.

Fluknu -> RE: Lole y Manuel (Sep. 28 2021 7:18:15)

Thanks for the tip. I actually worked on it, using different availabe versions on youtube. The fillings changes a bit, but you can see the voicings. I do not need it for the moment, as it's quite clear. But it takes some time.:)

Talk to you soon.

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