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ernandez R -> RE: Small body torres for flamenco guitar? (Aug. 21 2021 4:15:46)

Ah, what the heck here is what I wrote:


I was going to write something similar about what it takes to live in Alaska. I tell people Alaska is a bull **** filter, you can't pretend to live here that's for sure.

Alaska is diverse if anything. The anchorage public school system has the highest ethnic diversity of any in the nation, think about that.

We have a strong Native American presence.

We had many arrive during the pipeline days from both Texas and Oklahoma and make this their permanent home. I always tell people most of us are not from here.

In my small town and the Matanuska and Susitna drainages most of the Native community was decimated by typhus in 1902 and the remainder by the so called Spanish flue in 1918, of course whisky syphlis and religion took their toll, the small groups left were pushed out by the farmers and miners to the west shore of the Cook inlet communities of Beluga Tyonic and others off the road system and the only places in Alaska where westerners are not welcome .

I can't say the newcomers are better, the influx from Texas and Oklahoma has skewed the state to the right in a unhealthy way, The Mat-Sue as we call it it has the lowest vaccination rate and is the strongest anti mask/science region in the state and right there with the worst of those southern states leading the rising infection rates. As of yesterday the state is out of ICU beds thanks to 97% of unvaccinated filling them. You can't help stupid.

Our Native American women are a vary strong political force that I feel keep things on an even keel so to speak but nothing trumps the outside influence of oil money soiling the political atmosphere. Our state supreme court just overturned a hand full of political contribution limits voted into place overwhelmingly in the late nineties just last month; more citizens United nonsense.

I can go on and on, seems I've lost focus...

I don't even know who I am... How can I describe others. What right do I have...

BLA BLA blaaa...

ernandez R -> RE: Small body torres for flamenco guitar? (Aug. 21 2021 4:17:31)


ORIGINAL: estebanana


lived in Alaska for a couple of years as a young teenager, and I've gone back to visit friends there a few times. Several of those friends moved to Alaska in the counterculture diaspora of the early 1970s, and made a pretty good go of it on "the last frontier."

It seems to me that originality and self confidence are somewhat more frequent there than in most other places.

Alaska attracts such people, then runs off those who can't make it.

....remember, this comes from a Texan.


Come to think of it, all my successful Alaskan friends were originally from families that had been in Texas for at least two or three generations, but in Alaska you run into pe

I think in Texas the best thing that ever happened is they they isolated the story telling gene.

I trash talk because it’s fun, but it’s also useful to suss out who talks about making guitars and who walks the walk. You find out all kinds of things with trash talk.


Every court needs a jester!


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