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BarkellWH -> "Dilbert" Comic Strip (Aug. 4 2021 15:26:02)

One of my favorite comic strips is "Dilbert," and today's "Dilbert" in the Washington Post made me think of you, Richard.

In the first frame, the pointy-haired boss asks Dogbert, "Did you round up all the remote workers and put them in boxes yet?"

In the second frame, Dogbert replies, "No, some of them turned feral. I don't think they can be reintegrated into society."

In the third frame, the pointy-haired boss says, "If you're talking about the engineers, no one will notice the difference," and Dogbert replies, "Fair point."


Richard Jernigan -> RE: "Dilbert" Comic Strip (Aug. 5 2021 4:16:52)

Thanks for the compliment, Bill. I was feral decades before the advent of the coronavirus.

Did you know that Dilbert's creator Scott Adams is, or at least was, a great Trump supporter? I bought his book "Win Bigly" where he undertakes to analyze Trump's mass appeal. The Amazon blurb didn't make it clear that Adams was a heartfelt Trumpist, just that he was going to tell us the secret of Trump's success.

It's marketing. Adams sees himself as only a mediocre marketer, but he has studied the subject and Trump is an amazing genius. Adams can tell, and we should listen to him, because Adams is a trained hypnotist. The reader is reminded of Adams' qualifications at least once per page.

I was making fairly heavy weather of the book until I came to the part about "the wall." Adams tells us, somewhat breathlessly, that "the wall" is perhaps Trump's greatest masterpiece of marketing. It is a simple, easliy grasped "solution" to a complex and difficult problem. It appeals to the xenophobia of Trump's many supporters. They can imagine it however they like, since Trump is never specific about details, etc., etc. Adams takes us through Trump's genius level thought processes in constructing this marketing jewel beyond price. All this is irrefutable evidence of Trump's utter supremacy in the art and science of marketing.

This is the point, about halfway through the book, where I gave up. I had read the account, by two of Trump's campaign officials, of the origin of "the wall" shtick. Before Trump would go on stage to emit one of his hour-long stream of consciousness rants, they wanted to remind him to harp on the evils of immigration and how he would put a stop to it. Since Trump responded poorly to nuance, they hit upon the cue, "Remember to say something about the wall."

Trump found that promising to build "the wall" was a great applause line so he continued to elaborate upon it, soon hallucinating Mexican financing.

Adams' book is the only one I can remember actually throwing in the trash.

Still, I think "Dilbert" is a great strip. I have read that many of the ideas are crowd sourced, but Adams does a good job with them.


estebanana -> RE: "Dilbert" Comic Strip (Aug. 5 2021 4:39:28)

It’s been disclosed only in the past six months that Facebook marketing experts were embedded in the trump campaign. Trump isn’t a marketing genius, he was told which concepts gained more traction on Facebook with the types of people who listen to him telling them what they wanted to hear. The trump campaign brain trust* Cory Lewandowski, Manafort et al would come up with sound bites and trump would deliver them in his deluded word salad style and then then Facebook algorithm jocks would report back on which ones stuck to the deplorables’ wall.

Trump really is a moron when it comes to the mechanics of governance, but he’s good at listening to those who can interpret the worst in human nature and exploit it to his advantage. I’m sick of hearing that trump is a genius, he’s a mediocre man at best. He’s just a toxic old relic who was in the right place to exploit human nature. The media pundits that say he has a gift of oratory are high on their own egos.

BarkellWH -> RE: "Dilbert" Comic Strip (Aug. 5 2021 13:47:40)

Scott Adams aside, Trump is no genius. He is not even a good businessman. He has never created any lasting business successes. Look at his Atlantic City casino and hotel that went bust. He has gone through five or six bankruptcies. His Washington, DC hotel is losing money. Trump borrows financing and uses it to leverage projects that by and large ultimately fail. My take on Trump is that his political "success," such as it is, is more due to his supporters' ignorance rather than Trump's "genius."

Nevertheless, Scott Adams's politics don't deter me from appreciating Dilbert. Dilbert really does hit the nail on the head on many occasions.


estebanana -> RE: "Dilbert" Comic Strip (Aug. 5 2021 16:23:29)

Dilbert is funny, but he’s no rainbow trout.

BarkellWH -> RE: "Dilbert" Comic Strip (Aug. 5 2021 23:39:49)


Thanks for the compliment, Bill. I was feral decades before the advent of the coronavirus.

I thought you might appreciate my recognition of your feral (i.e., "unconventional") nature.


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