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joevidetto -> discount code for atrafana video lessons (Jun. 13 2021 13:01:00)

Hi - I'm not sure how much longer this sale goes, but the atrafana videos seem worthwhile, and this is a great deal if you get it. Anyone care to comment or recommend a particular lesson package ?

Dear atrafanaSchool members,

For the next 48 hours, you can purchase the following courses with a 40% discount:

Flamenco Guitar Techniques
Flamenco Guitar Method
Compas 101
Compas 102
The Right Hand
Flamenco Daily Practice Routines Bundle
Picado Speed Package

Go to the product page, click on “I want this” and enter the following text into the discount code field.


joevidetto -> RE: discount code for atrafana video lessons (Jun. 16 2021 12:32:14)

...for the record - I purchased a couple and I'm very happy with them - very useful and insightful.

Cervantes -> RE: discount code for atrafana video lessons (Jun. 20 2021 16:28:45)

I think Atrafana is a great resource.
I have never bought any thing because he has so much free stuff on YouTube.
Now I feel guilty.
He has a lot of free lessons for songs that he breaks down and plays slowly.
Right now I am working on Rumbeando La Milonga.
I am using his video to correct all the mistakes in the tab and get the right fingerings.

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