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La Jirafa -> Siboney - Paco de Lucia (Jun. 4 2021 23:13:54)

Hello, I've been searching for a tab or notation for Paco de Lucia and Ramon de Algeciras's cover of Siboney off Paco's Hispanoamerica album. Haven't had any luck and there seems to be no videos of Paco ever playing this piece live.

joevidetto -> RE: Siboney - Paco de Lucia (Jun. 5 2021 12:24:31)

According to my guitar teacher, Paco was forced into and 'embarassed' by this album because it is so non-flamenco. Has anyone heard any other folkore about this album ?

Still - it's one of my favorites, for what it is. The arrangements are excellent, playing is on fire like always, and melodies much easier for people who grew up with a "Western" ear.

La Jirafa -> RE: Siboney - Paco de Lucia (Jun. 6 2021 20:26:22)

Thanks for the link Joe! If I buy from that site would the transcriptions be digital or is it the physical book they are selling?

Also, it is very interesting and somewhat sad to hear that Paco was embarrassed by that album. It may not be flamenco but its one of my favorite albums by his. Some of those arrangements are simply the best versions of those pieces for guitar IMO and his playing was absolutely unreal.

joevidetto -> RE: Siboney - Paco de Lucia (Jun. 7 2021 13:34:57)

Well - 'embarrassed' is hearsay - unless someone on the Foro knows differently.

I know the books on the website are physical paper bound.

Also - I have seen a video where Grisha and another person play some pieces from this album. You may find it worthwhile:

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