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flamencoMAPS -> Hello flamenc@s! (May 14 2021 14:38:01)

Hello flamenc@ fellows!
I'm Guillermo Guillén, I'm a French professional flamenco guitarist. I lived in Spain (Seville) for more than 10 years, and I'm currently living in New York.
Happy to be here to learn and share with you all.

I am currently developing a global educational approach to flamenco, for dancers, guitarists, singers, plameros, percussionists...

Feel free to visit:
YouTube flamencoMAPS Channel

Abrazos a tod@s

rombsix -> RE: Hello flamenc@s! (May 15 2021 16:13:08)


johnnefastis -> RE: Hello flamenc@s! (May 15 2021 16:31:36)

Hi.... Just checking out your Youtube channel. Great work.


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