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Morante -> 3 genios (Mar. 25 2021 16:33:47)

Ricardo -> RE: 3 genios (Mar. 25 2021 19:14:19)

Zambra...the OTHER zambra that is. [:D]. That jacket is covering his arm in a cast. They talk about his wife who passed away in the interviews. Does anybody know what happened to her and if it was related to the car accident?

Schieper -> RE: 3 genios (Mar. 26 2021 12:07:28)

cool... that sounds somewhat exactly like the song "carcelero" I have in my Juan Martin note book...

RobF -> RE: 3 genios (Mar. 26 2021 15:44:39)

I love this!

Here’s a version featuring Juan Habichuela on guitar, which has been a favourite of mine to listen to while working for years now. It’s on his “De la Zambra al Duende - Un Homenaje” release listed under “Carcelero, Carcelero (Romance)”. Hauntingly beautiful.

Fluknu -> RE: 3 genios (Mar. 26 2021 21:02:14)

Woaw. Both amazing versions.

I'm usually not so much for piano in flamenco, but there, in the first version, it's just the thing to have.

Thanks for sharing-

Morante -> RE: 3 genios (Mar. 26 2021 21:28:27)

The familia Ortega was very important in flamenco. In his book "El arte en la sangre" Félix Rodríguez provides a complete family tree.

The familia Pavón was equally important, Pastora, Tomás y Arturo.

Manuel Bohórquez Casado has written an important book on Tómas, one of the greatest cantaores in the history of flamenco ( his sister, Pastora, one of the greatest cantaoras). The book contains a CD of the obra completa de Tómas.

Arturo, one of the pianistas who sound flamenco.

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