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Mark2 -> youtube looper (Mar. 24 2021 15:52:44)

Interesting device-a bit pricy at 150.00 but if you spend a lot of time learning stuff from youtube it might be worth it. You'd save a lot of time not having to use a mouse to reposition the video.

I'd imagine there are free workarounds that do more or less the same thing?

kitarist -> RE: youtube looper (Mar. 24 2021 17:28:59)

This is free:

Mark2 -> RE: youtube looper (Mar. 24 2021 18:56:35)

HAHA I knew there would be something out there that would make it tough on this company trying to sell their product. Thanks kitarist!

JasonM -> RE: youtube looper (Mar. 26 2021 13:23:23)

I’ve been using this one for the Chrome browser for a year or so

So far my bank account passwords have not yet been compromised lol

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