"kids these days" and/or world music. (Full Version)

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aaron peacock -> "kids these days" and/or world music. (Mar. 14 2021 0:29:38)

the Mordor house band meets Gregorian monks after 4 weeks of hunger fasting. (you must survive 5 minutes of central asian throat singing and grunts before you get harmony. it's good when it arrives) I will forgive Scots, in particular, for not being comfortable watching Danes act like this, bad memories... viking was a verb, remember...

some kinda rave button pusher nonsense, but great costumes.
(this predilection to emphasize beat 1 1 1 1 1 1, time signature 1/1... I suspect that you will not have difficulty counting this out. somehow, though, this is musical and evocative, or maybe i have had enough to drink and it's bed time.)

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