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joevidetto -> What flamenco goals are you working on right now ? (Feb. 25 2021 14:39:23)

Maybe this has been done before, but I thought it would be an interesting topic - just for us to keep ourselves (and myself !) focused and accountable.

1.) What flamenco goals are you working on right now ? Are they realistic, and where do you think you will be with them in 1 month, in 3 months ?

2.) Do you feel disciplined and productive - or would you like some advice from Foro members regarding tips, ideas, or feedback ?

I happen to be working in 3 broad areas, but have specific goals for each:

1.) re-learn to play, and then memorize, early PDL falsetas from El Tempul and Cepa Andaluza - to at least play them in time at a slow tempo

2.) learn to accompany some of PDL's later works - just with charts and in tempo - Ricardo's charts are helping me enormously with this

3.) pick out the next completely brand new thing I want to work on

I think I'll
1.) have 5 to 10 early PDL falsetas down at moderate tempo (?75%) if I could keep my current pace up (2 hrs / day),
2.) be able to accompany Soniquette at tempo in about 2 months, and
3.) picking out the next thing is something I do every day - just love listening to all the flamenco masters and picking the next thing I'd like to learn that is very different in style from PDL - probably a Vicente piece.

If anybody is working on one of those aboves, PM me if you might be interested skyping together and teaching each other, assuming we find we are at the same level. I'm not looking for free lessons or to give free lessons - just for a peer at the same level to collaborate with : )

Share your goals - and reach out for advice or collaboration from other Foro members if you welcome the feedback.


Stu -> RE: What flamenco goals are you working on right now ? (Feb. 25 2021 16:37:23)

I'm certain this isn't the answer you're looking for...
But my only goal with the guitar/guitar practice is to try and find half an hr to get the thing out of the case. 😂

When I do. I try to remember what I know. Usually end up playing some paco Algeria or something.

When the pandemic restrictions allow. I'd LOVE to find time to go back and play for some dancers.

Yeah time is my problem.

mark indigo -> RE: What flamenco goals are you working on right now ? (Feb. 25 2021 20:22:03)


What flamenco goals are you working on right now ?

I practise a little technique every day - starting as a warm-up - focusing on co-ordination and accuracy, and achieving these with just the minimum necessary effort and (hopefully) no more.

I am trying to resurrect some music I put together for a dance choreography five or so years ago, and I am having to re-learn it from poor quality audio and video of the dancers with occasional glimpses of the lowly accompanist (me). Some parts are taken from here and there, some I made up, some parts the dance teacher sung to me in class!

Also dabbling a little in some bits of Vicente's first album that have been bugging me for years.


Do you feel disciplined and productive

The warm up and technique I do every day. All the exercises are key-based, so I can do the same exercises daily but move around the circle of fifths for variety. It's become like some kind of religious practise that I do every day, so yes that is very disciplined. I'm a bit bored by going over something I did five years ago, and not massively inspired by my own creation or arrangement, so I'm not being very productive with that, but I have a request to play it. The Vicente things are hard (for me) so I will probably never get any of it to performance level - I am just sort of dipping in and out of different tracks according to my mood. Very undisciplined!

Mark2 -> RE: What flamenco goals are you working on right now ? (Feb. 26 2021 0:03:33)

I remember RonM saying he was a bedroom player. I thought why? He had a great sound. I didn't understand why he wasn't playing out. At that time I was playing classes, playing in a company, and doing gigs. Had a band too doing rumba and fusion. But that's all done now and I am aspiring to be a bedroom, or in my case, living room player.

The benefit is I don't have to practice anything specific. I work on whatever I feel like. Some days it's all technique. Some days it's a few hours of soloing over jazz tunes, trying to get better at playing over changes. But mostly it's flamenco. Antonio Rey, Vicente, and Paco falsetas mostly. I don't think I'll ever be able to perform these tunes but I can play some falsetas fairly well.

Years ago I was playing with a guitarist who really didn't have great chops but he played some VA stuff. He said "I'm 45 years old. If I don't play this stuff now, I'll never do it." I kinda feel that at 62, it's become that way for me. Now or never baby!

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