Epiphone SL - pretty damn good (Full Version)

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Escribano -> Epiphone SL - pretty damn good (Feb. 7 2021 20:18:26)

I've had this £100 Epiphone SL for a couple of weeks and I have done nothing to it. No set up, no fret dressing, no new strings. Just getting used it but I rather like it and it has inspired my own blues guitar making.

So, for better or worse, this is where my rusty old blues playing is right now.

gerundino63 -> RE: Epiphone SL - pretty damn good (Feb. 7 2021 20:47:11)

Cool Simon, nice bluesy sound.

Piwin -> RE: Epiphone SL - pretty damn good (Feb. 8 2021 5:09:05)


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