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kitarist -> Online "Festival de Flamenco de Granada" on Jan 30 (Jan. 14 2021 21:19:56)

This is happening Jan 30 and claims to be broadcast live.

Facebook event page:

"The afternoon begins with Variación a Tempo, the newest award-winning work by award-winning duo Sara Jimenez and Pablo Gimenez, broadcast live from Teatro Mira Amescua in Guadix. The exquisitely choreographed piece chronicles the evolution of Spanish music and dance, linking the classical traditions' influence on the more modern genre, flamenco.

"We then retreat to the olive groves of Almazara de Paulenca for an intimate performance broadcast live from a rustic, family-owned olive mill. Against a backdrop of hand-hewn timbers and terracotta tiles, guitarist Pablo Giménez leads a Granada based ensemble which features dancers Rocío Montoya, of Riverdance acclaim, and Jasiel Nahim. "

otirroz -> RE: Online "Festival de Flamenco de Granada" on Jan 30 (Jan. 15 2021 14:16:52)

Thanks for the "heads up" Konstantin, I will definitely check it out.[sm=Smiley Guitar.gif]

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