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Andy Culpepper -> New Cedar negra (Jan. 9 2021 4:28:15)

First flamenco guitar of the new year. I hope everyone is holding up OK in 2021.

The client requested this rosette and purfling design that I had already used on a classical guitar. On this one I decided to also run the purfling around the heel.
This guitar has a very lightweight Cedar top, only 127 grams fully braced! I couldn't believe it because the stiffness held up perfectly fine while thicknessing. 160 grams is more typical for me. It's about 2.1-2.2 mm thick. It's a really responsive and well-balanced guitar, and of course, it's only been played for less than an hour.








RobF -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 9 2021 7:56:22)

That’s really nice work, Andy. I particularly like the tie block and heel-cap work. Good stuff!

*edit* Actually, Andy, the more I look at that guitar, the more I like it. It’s right pretty, as they say.

ernandez R -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 9 2021 19:23:58)

Vary nice work indeed.

A shame you only played for a bit, would have been nice to hear a little more variety. Guessing is best not to play a clients new guitar too much least you golpy a dent hear or there.

The clean quality of your woodwork is always inspiring and gives me something higher to aim for as I build.

Do you find your sound bars need to be much different with a spruce top verses the cedder?


JasonM -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 9 2021 19:40:58)

Wow Andy, really Nice! I always love your rosettes and your craftsmanship is on point! I love that purfling too. Guitar sounds good it has that cedar sound.

gbv1158 -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 9 2021 20:12:06)

very, very nice cedar sound.
and the guitar is really nice - let me sey it in Italian: BELLISSIMA !



mt1007 -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 9 2021 20:51:40)

Outstanding/beautiful axe man!!! Really nice sound too!!! What is total weight of guitar? Whats the action at 12th fret bass side and action at bridge bass side?

Saludos desde Los Angeles!

Andy Culpepper -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 10 2021 4:23:59)

Thanks for all the kind words. Forgot to mention the woods in the rosette and purfling are Bubinga and Spanish Cedar, with Maple veneer lines. Oh and the purfling is super easy to make since it's not all veneers - definitely a plus :)

@ernandez I actually use pretty different bracing for Spruce and Cedar. My "main" bracing pattern has the fan braces parallel under the bridge, which works great for Spruce, but for Cedar I've found it makes for a sound that transitions from "sound" to "noise" a little too quickly when played with a heavy hand. So I use this pattern on Cedar, and the occasional Spruce guitar where I want a slightly rounder tone (not that it can't still have a down and dirty flamenco sound - it certainly can).

@mt1007 The total weight feels pretty normal for my negras (actually haven't weighed it yet but I will). In between a blanca and a classical guitar. Bass action at the 12th fret is 3.0 mm and string height at bridge is 8 mm.

Filip -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 10 2021 10:50:14)

That's a very nice guitar, I like it.

yourwhathurts69 -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 10 2021 23:29:40)

Beautiful guitar!

Andy Culpepper -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 12 2021 4:00:07)

Muchas gracias!

Tom Blackshear -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 12 2021 18:37:11)


Can you tune the strings back to normal and play a soleares for me.

I'd like to hear how it sounds.

etta -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 12 2021 22:18:18)

To Tom: what does your question mean or imply? It sounds great to me.

Andy Culpepper -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 13 2021 4:14:19)

Tom, I would do that for you in a heartbeat, but unfortunately the guitar is all packed and ready to be picked up by FedEx tomorrow. Sorry if my toque was unsatisfying [:D]

Thanks etta.

Tom Blackshear -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 13 2021 13:14:19)

Your guitar sounded just fine but my ear is trained better for soleares, to single out certain string sounds.

My two top builders of interest on this list are you and Mario. Not to discount other builders of excellence.

Andy Culpepper -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 15 2021 3:47:27)

I appreciate that, Tom. I also hold Ethan's work in very high esteem (assuming we're talking about the same person).

rombsix -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 15 2021 16:07:40)

Andy, you bastard. You've done it again! [:D][8D]

Tom Blackshear -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 15 2021 17:17:12)


Ethan's work

Ethan's work, yes, as one of his guitars was mine if I had the money [:)]

And I feel you have come a long way toward being recognized internationally as a master builder. Not an easy path with the guitar.

Cervantes -> RE: New Cedar negra (Jan. 16 2021 16:26:26)


As always beautiful guitar and impeccable build.
If I happened upon a pot of money I would be giving you a call.

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