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Bulerias2005 -> Estate (Dec. 24 2020 17:22:34)

My take on the beautiful Italian song, popularized by Brazilian singer/guitarist João Gilberto.

Escribano -> RE: Estate (Dec. 24 2020 17:25:43)

Bellissimo! Desidero l'estate ora.

El Burdo -> RE: Estate (Dec. 25 2020 0:32:04)

Beautiful. The melody is unusually in the lower part of the chord which has its challenges but it sounds excellent. I have only ever sung it and accompanied that; easier [:)]

RobF -> RE: Estate (Dec. 25 2020 0:39:31)

Everything about this is simply great. Thanks!

rombsix -> RE: Estate (Dec. 25 2020 2:02:01)


Bulerias2005 -> RE: Estate (Dec. 27 2020 22:19:55)

Thank you all! I've been attempting to arrange this piece for a little while now and finally settled on having the melody in the lower register. It was fun to figure out how to embellish it while still making sure that it would be clearly heard above everything else.

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