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Ricardo -> Luthier strings still going??? (Dec. 11 2020 16:49:01)

Antonio Rey just posted this:

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JasonM -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Dec. 12 2020 15:14:59)

This is what he posted with the pic:

Ya están ala venta me hace mucha ilusión aparecer en estas cuerdas tan reconocidas y tan buenas abrazos y felices fiestas a todos Las vais a poder adquirir en Abrines en Jerez de la Frontera y os las envían a donde sea

I think he says you can buy them at Abrines (taller), or will be able to, right? So, maybe they are indeed being made again. Someone in the comments asked about available tensions and he said they will all be available.

Also, when I tried to go to the Luthier Music homepage, it now displays a bunch of prescription drugs for sale. Maybe guitar strings weren’t the only thing they were selling in the back room [:D]

RobF -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Dec. 12 2020 15:35:37)


Las vais a poder adquirir en Abrines en Jerez de la Frontera

Maybe Morante can check them out at Abrines and report back. One has to wonder if they’ve acquired the process, or equipment, and are replicating the old strings, or have just licensed the name and are rebranding the strings from another source. I guess all will become clear when people start purchasing and evaluating them.

I had the same drug ad experience when accessing the Luthier page yesterday and then I tried again a few minutes later and got through, no idea what I did differently. I couldn’t find the new packaging on that web page. It would be nice if Antonio’s picture was more clear, as there appears to be a web address at the bottom of the package. Maybe one of his Facebook friends on here can ask him for more info.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Dec. 12 2020 15:59:32)

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JasonM -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Dec. 17 2020 4:58:07)

A better picture of the package from one of his latest social media post.

Notice the Luthier is a product of Tico Music. It’s also at the bottom of the website.

Tico Musica
Luthier Strings
Francesc Teixidó 18
08918 – Badalona

This guessing game has been fun and all. Now just tell us what plastics company you get your strings from

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JasonM -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jan. 14 2021 16:04:23)


I think he says you can buy them at Abrines (taller),

Looked like this shop in Jerez had them for sale now. At 12,5 Euros plus shipping to the US I think I’ll be holding off for a while to see if they become distributed more widespread.

AndresK -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Feb. 12 2021 10:05:46)

Luthier strings back in stock in Strings by Mail! Are they the ones made in Europe now? Why are they so economic? (In EU they cost double as that) All these questions also asked at SBM and waiting for answer. Will report back here when I have news.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Feb. 12 2021 10:34:41)

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AndresK -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Feb. 12 2021 14:33:29)

Matt just replied saying that the new Luthiers are made in Spain and they are supposed to be exactly the same. I think that they try to be more competitive to the United States keeping the same old price, even though in the country they are build are sold double the price!

Matt said he has a set to test during the weekend and will respond on how they feel compared to the old Luthiers.

JasonM -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Feb. 15 2021 1:37:13)

Thanks for the info, Andres! That’s good news. Although it was fun experimenting and sharing string observations! We should continue on anyway!

AndresK -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Feb. 17 2021 9:04:43)

Well, Matt from strings by mail replied about his test on Luthier 20s strings during the weekend. He says they seem the same to him and he is glad to have them back. I am glad too.

I am waiting from them too by strings by mail along with the solera strings. I am curious to compare these 2 sets and see how similar they are, given that solera only used Luthiers for many years. In European stores the two sets cost the same. In the US they have a big price difference.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Feb. 17 2021 23:49:01)

This is in a promo email I just received from Strings by Mail:

"After a long hiatus, Luthier Strings are back! Same formulas, same materials, same manufacturing processes, same packaging, same great line of strings. Toni Acosta's legacy lives on.
NOTE* When we tried them after arrival this week, we were extremely impressed with how fast tuning settled in. They are worth checking out!"


AndresK -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Apr. 17 2021 20:16:29)

These new Luthiers are great like the old ones. And they really settle in an instant. So people really needing Luthiers can rest now. In the US they have the same price as before, in EU they are way pricier.

Took them off in a day though because Dogal Diamante was the pleasant unexpected surprise from my SBM order (Solera concert, Luthier 20, Dogal Diamante regular tension).

So, long live the Luthiers.

Schieper -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Apr. 17 2021 21:53:00)

Seems they are back in stock in EU as well and a large online seller (Thomann and others) offers them for EUR 9,90/pack, which is a great deal. So no double prices anymore. Unfortunatly it seems my ear has set to the savarez Cantiga which also works realy well on my guitar..

LeTeutonOnGuitar -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (May 15 2021 14:42:14)

Hi, I really don't understand why many people are so fond of these strings as my personal experience was very bad!
In 2015 I've bought 3 packs of Luthier Popular Supreme Set 20 - medium tension for my cheap Flamenco guitar from China Mundo Flamenco 3F (2013) corresponding to Cordoba F7. Ok, the playability of the strings was excellent and the sound not bad at all as you can hear in the following video:
but these strings did not last. After a couple of playing hours the D-string was already severely damaged and it was the same for the 3 packs! I mean, if you purchase renowned guitar strings, you can expect a certain durability.
In the meantime, I have discovered the Aquila SUGAR and the Knobloch SN Actives Double Silver Spe­cial Nylon strings that sound well on my different guitars with an excellent durability!
Concerning the Luthier strings thus quoth the Raven "Nevermore."

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (May 17 2021 4:16:16)

I dldn't find any tension data on Luthiers, so I put a set of 30s on my '67 Ramirez blanca, since I've used Savarez "red card" fort tirant on it for decades.

They were not holding their pitch yet when I checked yesterday evening, but my first impression was not positive--too stiff and too bright. I'll leave them on for a while longer to give them a decent trial.

Meanwhile I've been playing the '82 Arcangel Fernandez blanca with Savarez lower tension "white cards," and Tom Blackshear's #329 "Reyes" model negra, with the High tension D'Addario EJ 46s Tom recommends. The D'Addarios are months old, but show no wear.

The high tension D'Addarios require significantly more strength from both hands than the "white card" Savarez. They sound and feel pretty different. I can't say I really strongly prefer one set over the other--of course the guitars themselves are sigificantly different.


12850bd -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (May 18 2021 0:03:42)

Ive tried Luthier 30 on my old Conde 1974 which previously had Savarez red card for years and found the same as you did. The Luthier 30 are quite more stiff than the Savarez. I tried Luthier 20 afterwards and found the feel to be much the same as the Savarez. Maybe try the 20's .

JasonM -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (May 18 2021 16:21:20)

Some years back we started seeing Luthier string packaging that said made in China, or somewhere... not in NYC. My experience has been that Luthier basses last a lot longer than EJ45 or Labella. Recently tried Knoblock and nothing has come close to their longevity! But, like the EJ45 EXP bass strings I don’t think they sound good until broken in for a few days. Very metallic sound at first

AndresK -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jun. 8 2021 20:59:29)

I was trying to make a comparison vid with luthier 20s and luthier black trebles just for the record. I had a luthier set that I used some time ago for a week and took it off for some time and put it back on a week ago when my luthier black trebles came from strings by mail. I recorded the 20s with the clear trebles and meant to record the same basses with the black luthier trebles but the basses started to unwind over the frets for the 4th and 5th string, so this video is not going to happen because I do not have another set of luthier basses. Not a very good sign as I never had this issue with the old luthiers.

Anyway, all this talking just to describe a bit the luthier black trebles (since I cannot record them properly for comparison). They are kind of nice but I will never try them again, I think. They are very close to luthier 20s, maybe a bit harder as they say medium-hard on the pack (maybe like the 30s?) BUT as expected a bit duller maybe because of the colour adding. So that is all for now. Also revisited the 2001 flamenco light tension from La Bella but I might have to write elsewhere the results?

Ehh why not. The 2001 black trebles are very powerful and loud, but you have to hit them hard to achieve that volume which kinda make them harder to play. The low tension have exactly the same tension as the medium on the trebles but with lighter basses. I have to admit that the luthier 20s felt equally easy to play as the 2001 flamenco LT because they needed less force on the right hand to produce sound. I was tempted to try the hard tension as Ricardo suggested on another post but after feeling again the medium tension trebles hard work to produce sound... maybe not. La Bella 820 reds were much better on many aspects. The only slightly better thing with the 2001s is the full bodied fat sound.

After all this I used again dogal diamante normal tension trebles used months ago, with the La Bella basses, and the Dogals are the easier to produce amazing and loud sound from any other treble I have ever tried. And the vibrato ease is unmatched. NOT better trebles than the 820, just different.

edit: Dogal basses never settle! I have said this before but others have confirmed too that they take a LOT of time to hold their tuning. Does anyone know of a treble set that has the sharpness of the 820 and the body of new cristal ?


Richard Jernigan -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jun. 8 2021 21:48:43)

I had never tried Luthiers before, so I tried a set of Luthier Concert Silver Set 30, which I bought from Strings by Mail. On the package it says, "Luthier strings es una marca de Tico Musica SA"

I put them on the Ramirez '67 1a blanca, but didn't llke them. The basses didn't come near holding their pitch, even after two weeks. The trebles had a clear sound, "cooler" than the sets of Savarez red cards that had been on the guitar for decades. They were true to pitch at the 12th fret harmonic, stretchy, but not as bad as the basses.

The D-string was particularly poor at holding its pitch. When I took the strings off without any significant playng, I noticed it had begun to separate. Most of the area between the bridge saddle and the tie block was without its wire windings.

The scale of the Ramirez is 655 mm so the strings weren't over tensioned.


Not for that set anyhow. May have been a bad set, since others have liked the brand and model.


AndresK -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jun. 25 2021 5:45:00)

Hello again. Here is a comparison with the new Luthier 20s and the old EJ45 that most people know.

0'00" Guajiras de Lucia - Paco de Lucia
2'34" Prelude No5 - Heitor Villa-Lobos
6'34" Granaina - Jeronimo Maya
9'34" Simple buleria compas (for rasgueados)
11'52" Vivencias Imaginadas - Vicente Amigo
15'10" Capricho Arabe - Francisco Tarrega
17'36" Variations - Fernando Sor

agujetas -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jun. 25 2021 7:10:31)

Nice playing. I slightly prefer the EJ45s.

devilhand -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jun. 26 2021 13:47:53)


the new Luthiers are made in Spain and they are supposed to be exactly the same.

I can confirm this. I've read recently they relocated their production to Spain. The reliable source says the following.

"The manufacturer, which was formerly based in New York City, ... has had its new headquarters in Spain since January 2021. In order to guarantee consistent quality, the original machines were not only brought from New York City and rebuilt, but the material is still sourced from the same suppliers as in the USA."

KRAKEN -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jul. 8 2021 3:48:08)

I love Luthier Strings. Only ones I used on all 3 of my Flamenco guitars. Amazon sells it now! I love Set 20 and 30. It comes with a picture of Antonio Rey in the back. So these are now made in Spain, Barcelona?

Morante -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Jul. 8 2021 15:39:54)


Maybe Morante can check them out at Abrines and report back.

Morante uses Savarez Alliance (blue card) because his professional friends all use them and nobody pays them to promote them. But he refuses to give up his Pro Arte brown third[;)]

Ricardo -> RE: Luthier strings still going??? (Oct. 3 2021 19:52:06)

Made a mistake and ordered the carbon trebles. Sounded ok but no snap or bright sparkle like the normal nylon.

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