Tuning machine screws stripped (Full Version)

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Cervantes -> Tuning machine screws stripped (Dec. 7 2020 0:03:29)


The screws holding the tuning machines are loose / stripped in the headstock.
I noticed it one day after my guitar which was leaning against the couch fell sideways and hit the headstock on the hard tile floor.
I am not sure if the fall is what caused it or not.
I have read about filling the screw holes with toothpicks and glue and wonder if this the best way to fix this.
I believe I used that method once before but forgot what it was I used it on.
Thanks for any advise.


constructordeguitarras -> RE: Tuning machine screws stripped (Dec. 7 2020 12:57:42)

Hi, Joel.
The treatment really depends on the extent of the damage. It might be enough to place a drop of gap-filling Super Glue in the hole and put the screw back in.

Morante -> RE: Tuning machine screws stripped (Dec. 7 2020 16:19:58)

When I worked in a taller, the toothpick was the standard solution. Clean the hole. Cut the point off the toothpick . Work some white glue into the hole. Tap the toothpick well into the hole. When all is dry, cut off the excess wood and level with cuchillo. It is easy and it works.



Cervantes -> RE: Tuning machine screws stripped (Dec. 8 2020 4:10:35)

Thanks for the tips.
Guess I will look at the size of the hole and see what method I should use.
I am wondering if I need to pre-drill the hole for the screw as I normally would do for woodworking. I am not sure I have a drill bit that small but could always get one.

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