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Deniz -> Curro Malena (Nov. 1 2020 23:51:09)

Deniz -> RE: Curro Malena (Nov. 2 2020 22:24:47)

Whatever it is.. this guy has it

Guest -> [Deleted] (Nov. 24 2020 8:29:58)

[Deleted by Admins]

Ricardo -> RE: Curro Malena (Nov. 24 2020 13:50:13)

Scam. I got asked like 25 times to teach dancing to some random guy’s daughter’s wedding. The idea is they send you money that is over the price you charge in advance of the job...then ask you to wire the overage to the catering or whatever the mistake was, quickly before the check clears...then it bounces so you lose the money plus pay fines and anything that affects your account and they make off like bandits with cash. These people will burn in a worse hell than the one they live in now.

Piwin -> RE: Curro Malena (Nov. 24 2020 17:42:34)

Reported to admin just in case he didn't see your post here. I hadn't heard of that scam. But a first-time poster who leaves a link...yeah I'm not clicking... There was another one not too long ago that also seemed fishy. I think it was on the thread of Simon's new place in Italy.

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Deniz -> RE: Curro Malena (Nov. 24 2020 22:24:38)

A shame this guy pooped into a thread about a great artist.

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