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Albertito13 -> Alhambra brand (Sep. 21 2020 14:28:04)

hi guys!

Im searching a new classic guitar and I've seen a brand called "Alhambra". These guitars have models around 400€ and it is the budget I was thinking. I want to know your opinion about this brand, and if there is a better brand for this price.

Thank you!

Morante -> RE: Alhambra brand (Sep. 21 2020 16:49:46)

Alhambra guitars are all good value. I have worked in a guitar taller for several years and consider them great value. The 10Fc is great professional flamenco guitar, often overlooked. It is a steal at around 1,800 euros.

The cheaper guitars are all value for money.

I once tried to buy a Martin steel string in Madrid. Sounded out 4, all at 4,000 euros. All rubbish. I ended up with an Alhambra steel string for 800 euros, much better than all these Martins.

You won´t go wrong with Alhambra, but try before you buy.

Albertito13 -> RE: Alhambra brand (Sep. 22 2020 16:04:05)

Hi morante!

I've asked and this brand is very well valued in the community. I think I'll buy the model 3C (433 € here). I hope it works for me. I'll tell you how it sounds when I received it. Thank you so much!

Morante -> RE: Alhambra brand (Sep. 22 2020 22:33:13)

Don´t forget that you are buying at the very lowest level. All that you can expect is that the guitar has no major defects and is not too hard to play. When you have played it for a while, you will see better the features that you want when you need something better. But you don´t get a 4,000 guitar for 4,00[:D]

Mucha suerte, playing guitar is a lifetime´s pleasure, even if you never get to be good.

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