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RobF -> Typhoon Haishen (Sep. 6 2020 0:04:52)

Looks like the eye of this storm is passing just south of the Japanese mainland but, from the satellite imagery, Stephen has just been exposed to a hell of a soaking and the worst is yet to come. Hope all is well for him and his neighbours. This one looks a little too close for comfort.

estebanana -> RE: Typhoon Haishen (Sep. 6 2020 2:30:56)

I didn’t know it was called Haishen, western media gives them names, Asian weather services give them numbers 2020-TC10

Tropical Cyclone 10

It’s going to make landfall in about 6 hours as of now. The wind speed yesterday when it was east of us out at sea was 70/meters per second- about 150 mph. Today its wind speed dropped from a Cat 5 to Cat 4 - still no party. It’s also hooked like golfer driving a ball, but instead of hooking west and north, it’s curved east back toward Kyushu. Last week #9 curved out into the sea on our west and we didn’t get much wind, #10 will probably pass about 20 miles off shore which puts us right in the nasty edge of the circle.

This will be interesting. We could have power loss, but I think phone will be fine. We’ll see how it goes. I have a bag of tools, ropes and gloves by the front door in case there’s trouble, but not much else to do now but practice picado all day and watch a movie.

Oh sideways ugghh

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Piwin -> RE: Typhoon Haishen (Sep. 6 2020 8:05:00)

Stay safe!

To avoid neck pain:

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estebanana -> RE: Typhoon Haishen (Sep. 6 2020 11:11:08)

Oh thank goodness

Ricardo -> RE: Typhoon Haishen (Sep. 8 2020 17:59:47)


Oh sideways ugghh

Oh man, I thought the winds had blown you sideways!

estebanana -> RE: Typhoon Haishen (Sep. 9 2020 3:11:10)

That was the Merlot and the Chardonnay that got me sideways

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