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glowingturnip -> ¡Hola! (Aug. 26 2020 11:03:14)

Stuart here,

I've been learning/playing flamenco guitar for a little over three years now, and prior to that played banjo for several years, though let's face it, the banjo all sounds a bit samey after a while, especially compared to flamenco, and we have a little finca in Andalucia so it seems rude not to !

Self taught, mainly from Juan Martin's books. Quite pleased in that I seem to be making a bit of progress recently, my compas is becoming more coherent (even my Bulerias is no longer just painful random strumming), and I've done a lot of right hand work, so most techniques are coming along. Quite exciting really, though I'm sure I can't hold a candle to most folks on here.

Cheers !

Piwin -> RE: ¡Hola! (Aug. 26 2020 15:41:14)

Welcome to the foro!

machopicasso -> RE: ¡Hola! (Aug. 27 2020 5:37:16)


Escribano -> RE: ¡Hola! (Aug. 27 2020 8:31:27)


Stu -> RE: ¡Hola! (Aug. 30 2020 19:53:19)

Welcome Stuart. I too am of that name!
Where are you in Andalucia?

ernandez R -> RE: ¡Hola! (Sep. 7 2020 21:46:43)



Cool,about your progress, I'm about in the same place or behind you some.

Was actually playing a classical piece in 3/4 with the metronome and when I was working the last two bars that were kicking my ass I found I was battling the metranome and then it hit me. After playing compas with the accent on he third beat for so long, two years, I couldn't put the accent in the first beat for the Clasical piece as I was counting with the metranome. That's when I realized I had inbeded the compas deep into my organic metranome.


singlechange -> RE: ¡Hola! (Oct. 4 2020 3:51:29)

I bet there are a lot members here who have about the same amount of experience playing flamenco, so jump right in and share what you can
Welcome to this great place, Stuart.

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