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Stu -> Woody (May 28 2020 21:18:58)

Hi guys, so making some progress with number 2.

But a few things are niggling my at me.

I don't have any thing to use for my back strip.
And I don't have any herring bone/other lines for my rosette.

Also I'll be needing some bindings/purfling etc later on.

What are my options here.

Just order a bunch of stuff online? Make myself from stuff I have (I have a load of sheets of veneer + little bit of ebony)

I imagine at a certain point one would have a lot of this stuff lying about in the shop. But at my stage I find in a little short of these things.

RobF -> RE: Woody (May 29 2020 0:28:36)

By back strip do you mean interior center strip or exterior? If interior you can make it out of the top wood by cutting a strip from across the bottom or top of the joined top piece above/below the bouts. It doesn’t have to be as long as the back, as you can use sections. If you put the joins for the sections right under where the braces go it’ll effectively be the same as if you used a continuous strip.

It’s not really necessary to have one on the exterior, just do a good join and the back will look fine without one.

For the Rosette, you can rip the purfling lines from the veneer sheets you have; as long as they are 14-15” long you’re good to go. There’s plenty of nice looking rosettes without herringbone or rope edging. If you aren’t in the mood to make a mosaic you can cut a circular centerpiece from some headplate wood (you’ll have to join it, sometimes it looks better if you join it in a non-bookmatched manner). Oftentimes there is enough wood left over from the back wood after the back is cut out to join together to get a piece big enough to do this.

Bindings can be ripped from the side wood, if you are using rosewood for this guitar. Or if you have a set of rosewood waiting in the wings for another guitar with sides wider than 4” you can pilfer from it. Just rip the bindings before final thicknessing, maybe thickness the sides to 2.4 or 2.5mm, rip the bindings, then continue to thickness the rest to final dimensions. Purfling should be ~28” long, but in a pinch you can use less, just scarf join it and it should be OK. But better to have a continuous length long enough to do one side.

It sounds like you might be making an online order sooner than later, lol, just make a shopping list and go over it to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. It’s a pain when that happens, because the forgotten stuff never seems to amount to enough to qualify for free shipping.

Stu -> RE: Woody (May 29 2020 0:44:04)

Thanks Rob
Really helpful.some good info.

Yeah! Recon I will be ordering online soon. Haha..
I was referring to the exterior strip on the back so ok.maybe I'll just join without.
I have enough mosaic tiles from my first build so will be using them.
Thanks again

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