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JasonM -> For you Physics nerds (May 27 2020 1:27:00)

Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll has been giving these lectures during the lockdown on his YouTube channel. He starts with classical mechanics and right now is up to quantum field theory which is where the good stuff is. The Q&A videos are really good as well.

What I like about him is that he’s really good at explaining this stuff without dumbing it down Too much like a lot guys do for the layman . He covers some of the essential math to try and reinforce the ideas but not too heavy.

Here’s the link to his channel

Andy Culpepper -> RE: For you Physics nerds (May 27 2020 2:25:45)

He has a great podcast as well called Mindscape. A wide variety of guests covering different aspects of science and philosophy.

JasonM -> RE: For you Physics nerds (Jul. 24 2020 2:08:56)

The video on Gauge Theory and the related QA video was really eye opening!

It the math and geometry that explains the workings of the Standard Model and the force particles, Higgs, Graviton etc . Really fascinating, but it’s the stuff that the popular physics books and lectures never go into because it’s so math heavy. But Sean does a great job of giving you a taste of what’s going on I think. the Higgs is really a tough concept to grasp! With the whole spontaneous symmetry breaking.

Paul Magnussen -> RE: For you Physics nerds (Jul. 24 2020 2:41:37)

Many thanks, Jason. I know what you mean about dumbing it down: so much stuff on PBS in on the Gosh! Wow! level that I often end up switching it off after five minutes.

BarkellWH -> RE: For you Physics nerds (Jul. 24 2020 13:19:31)

Thanks for posting this, Jason. Fascinating stuff for sure.


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