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Ricardo -> Skype Lessons discount (Mar. 18 2020 18:56:24)

I just want to clarify, I’m offering the one hour lessons at the 1/2 hour rate during this shut in. It’s automatically set up on my site (I can’t change it now) so the way it works is please sign up for a 30 MINUTE lesson....but I will give you the full hour lesson instead.

Anybody that signs up for the full hour I can’t do a refund so I will tack on extra 20 minutes or so.

I’m not going to do half hour lessons at discount, sorry.

himanshu.g -> RE: Skype Lessons discount (Mar. 19 2020 0:49:20)

thanks for clarifying that

flyeogh -> RE: Skype Lessons discount (Mar. 25 2020 20:12:35)

Well I just had an hour with Ricardo and it was great. The skype gave a few minor freezes but I think that is entirely down to over use of my internet here in Spain (I'm having the same problems when I give my English lessons for spaniards). But it didn't detract very much.

But the content, recommendations and explanations were great and now I'm all enthusiastic to kick on [:D] I'll be back for more.

Highly recommend. Cheers Ricardo

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