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henrym3483 -> Short cuts and stuff (Dec. 30 2019 15:10:20)

So i apparently heard a statement earlier in 2019, whereby Paco de Lucia, is said to have commented "once you know por arriba, inside out and really well with all the variations, the other tonos wil make sense"

for me the past year, i've spent alot of time working out stuff from different positions on the guitar and transposing melodies from por Arriba to Por Medio and vice versa. its been good to work these out by ear and also to feel more comfortable between tonos. i usually do this by doing solea, fandangos, tangos and seguiriyas in por arriba and por medio when practising.

i'm kind of basing some of this practice on advice i got from Perikin and Jesus Agarrado, to paraphrase it somewhat, 'why learn something completely new, when you can have one hammer to crack the nut so to speak', but play it with feeling and gusto when you accompany or play.

the other thing i've noticed, in respect of some falsetas and or tonos. certain positions are key. eg. the index finger cejilla por medio on the third fret. i picked up in a weekend the bones of about 5 different solea por buleria falsetas from this position, then i tried it with tangos, lo and behold it strikes me, the same position is used by moraito for some of the solea, tangos and seguiriyas material he has.

Same thing with Alzapua, there seem to be only so many runs you can do in the 1st to 3rd fret area.

So, any other short cuts to speeding up the learning process and not going down the wasted time rabbit hole?

Ricardo -> RE: Short cuts and stuff (Dec. 30 2019 18:40:09)


So, any other short cuts to speeding up the learning process and not going down the wasted time rabbit hole?

Since you explored 3rd position por medio you can bridge more gaps by doing the same por Arriba (3rd position I mean). Take that stuff back to “por medio” up at 8th position.

henrym3483 -> RE: Short cuts and stuff (Jan. 6 2020 14:24:56)

i'll have a go at that and see where it leads me. been trying to just connect a lot of dots lately and appreciate the foro as a way of soundboarding this stuff.

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